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As Its Middle East Policy Crumbles, The Obama Administration's Defense: It's Not a Revolution, It's a Video

"You will not be able to stay home, brother,

You will not be able to turn on, plug in, tune out....

The revolution will not be televised....

The revolution will be live."

--Gil Scott-Heron, "The Revolution will not be Televised."


So now we have the answer of the “best and the brightest” expressed in the most explicit terms by American leaders and the mass media.

The problem in the Middle East is not mass revolutionary Islamist movements seeking to mobilize the masses, seize state power, expel U.S. influence, overthrow all non-radical regimes, wipe Israel off the map, and transform their own societies through Sharia dictatorships, despite the fact that they have been working on this project for a very long time and discussed it openly in thousands of articles, speeches, rallies, terrorist attacks, and other actions.

Oh, no, the problem is that a guy in California made a video on YouTube that nobody ever saw. Therefore the main task is to apologize, explain, and keep trying to make friends with the ideologically determined revolutionary Islamists who take each concession as help toward their winning and see every American vacillation as a weakness that urges them toward more aggression. These are people who never lack an excuse to kill you.

Here's how it looks from the Arab world on the specific issue of Libya: George W. Bush occupied Iraq; Barack H. Obama occupied Libya. Obama has added to the long list of complaints about a supposedly imperial America.

At this point, we have gone far beyond not being able to take the Obama administration and the media/intellectual ruling elite seriously. They act as if Middle East history began last week. They act as if Middle Easterners have no politics or ideology but are merely mirrors (what a racist concept!) reflecting back what the West does. They have no interest in examining the actual evidence. Certainly, there are those in this Western elite driven by their own ideology, hidden agenda, and interests to spout such nonsense. What can we say of those who believe them? Well, the latter have no direct experience with the region or its people; they still give credibility to what the mass media says. They have no memory because they are concerned about other things, closer to home.

Nevertheless, they might notice that it has been the proudest claim of President Barack Obama throughout his term that he made the United States popular again. That claim is now in tatters, though no one has pointed it out systematically in the mass media.

It has been an assertion that Obama’s show of respect for Islam from the Cairo speech, his courting of Turkey’s stealth Islamist regime, the assigning of NASA the job of soothing Muslim self-regard over science, and a hundred other things brought some result beneficial to the United States. One aspect of this strategy — as he openly told a visiting Jewish delegation to the White House — was his distancing America from Israel. This claim is also in tatters.

The claim of Obama’s great foreign policy success is in tatters.

Killing Osama bin Laden? A worthy action but one which made the jihadists — even those who never followed bin Laden — angry.