Why the Democratic Convention Plan Shows Obama Will Lose the Election

The Republican National Convention, whatever your critique of it, was designed to show that this is not a group of scary, horrible people and that even if it is conservative, this is also a moderate, rational group that proposes conservative solutions and has broad appeal. Of course, the mass media did all it could to distort that fact, but the terrible economic situation of course favors the opposition party.


The information released about the Democratic National Convention seems to show it is designed to prove how radical the party is and to play to the most limited possible sector of the population. There will be hatred and vicious character assassination. Of all the imams that could have been chosen, one with a radical background was picked to lead services while—from what I’ve read—Catholics were almost deliberately dissed. This is a convention featuring Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. There will be a lot of scary people and nasty rhetoric, sort of like a Keith Olbermann film festival. I estimate that two-thirds of the Democrats in Congress are really moderate, though they lack the courage to speak up. But will any of them be allowed to make any moderate statements that truly differ with the far-left line? No. Lots are staying away because they know this to be true; others will smile on the outside and be totally depressed knowing that the iceberg is on the way.

And the more the mass media gushes over this carnival, the more it will discredit itself and increase the cognitive dissonance (a fancy word for: What, are you guys nuts?!) among a lot of Americans. When you are a wolf dressed up in a sheep suit, you don’t want to unzip it, step out, and bare your teeth.


This is typical of a pattern often seen historically in democratic countries around the world,  in which a party drifts so far to the left or right, is so dominated by ideologues, and is so arrogant in believing it is the only possible ruling party that it collapses.

I might be wrong, but I think the design of the Democratic National Convention shows why Obama and his congressional supporters are going to lose the election big time.


The Death of the Left


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