Explaining America's Current Politics in Eleven Haiku Sentences

Sentence one:

Imagine if Herbert Hoover had been a left-wing Democrat and there was an election in 1932.

Sentence two:

The critical question is a very simple one: Do the people own the government or does the government–thanks to its using taxpayer money to build roads and bridges–own the people.


Sentence three:

It so important important for President Obama to blame capitalism for America’s current mess because if the people don’t blame capitalism they have no alternative but to blame him.

Sentence four:

In the Middle East they came up with the idea that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” but the Obama Administration has simplified this to be: “The enemy of myself is my friend.”

Sentence five:

When Barack Obama says that the middle class is battling the rich, he is actually saying that his hand will soon be on your wallet.

Sentence six:

When Barack Obama says that we are all in this together he is actually saying that his hand will soon be on your wallet.

Sentence seven:

When Obama says, “You didn’t do it alone,” he isn’t saying, “Thank your good teachers,” but rather, “We own you.”

Sentence eight


Filling a pothole with my money does not make you Bill Gates, Thomas Edison, or Henry Ford.

Sentence nine

The best thing the Obama Administration could do for business is to build a very long highway composed entirely of cancelled regulations.

Sentence ten

If Obamacare is implemented will you still be able to choose your own road?

Sentence eleven

It is strange that Obama is called the first black (or African-American) president, the first gay president, and the first Jewish president but the same media never calls him the most left-wing president in U.S. history.





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