The Democratic Double Standard

During Clarence Thomas’ confirmation hearings for the Supreme Court, allegations were made that he had sexually harassed Anita Hill. The allegations were unfounded and eventually proven false. When Bill Clinton was accused of having an affair with a White House intern, he said,”I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky.” Days later he admitted he had indeed had sexual relations with her.


So while the sexual allegations against Thomas were false, Democrats and their willing accomplices in the mainstream media did their best to destroy the man before he was confirmed to the Supreme Court. And while the sexual allegations against Clinton were true, and resulted in his impeachment, Democrats defended him by saying that Clinton’s crimes were “only” lies “about sex.” Although Clinton’s crimes were actually far more grave than lies about sex, accepting that defense allows us to wonder why Thomas was smeared by Democrats for his alleged lies about sex. The answer is simple: Only Democrats can lie, cheat, and steal yet remain politically viable in this country.

Need more proof of the Democrats’ ability to commit crimes with impunity? Just take a trip down memory lane to 12:45 a.m. on July 18, 1969, when Ted Kennedy “drove off the Dike Bridge connecting Martha’s Vineyard … with Chappaquiddick Island.” Kennedy’s passenger, “a pretty political assistant [named] Mary Jo Kopechne,” was killed.

The cold hard facts about Kopechne’s death are startling. To begin with she didn’t die instantly. She actually lived for hours “in an air pocket inside the car.” The problem is, she didn’t have enough air to live till 8:45 a.m., which is when her body was discovered in Kennedy’s sunken Oldsmobile. Why wasn’t she discovered before 8:45 you ask? Didn’t Kennedy make a beeline to the nearest telephone and report the accident so the girl could be saved? Far from it. He freed himself from the wreckage, walked “back to his motel, [complained] to the manager about a noisy party, [took] a shower, [slept] the night, [talked] to a friend the next morning, [ordered] two newspapers, met his lawyers and finally [reported] the accident to the police at 9.45am, [an hour after her body had already been found by the fire department].”


Please note these aren’t accusations against Kennedy; these are facts. Yet it’s almost impossible to find a more revered Democrat, with the exception of Clinton or the new kid on the block, President Barack Obama.

Of course Obama is not without his problems. While he hasn’t drowned anyone or been accused of having an affair, he has told outright lies about his stance on the Second Amendment. For example, he campaigned for president on his so-called belief that the Second Amendment protects the “right of individuals to bear arms,” yet his tenure as an Illinois state senator is marred by his support for “a complete ban on all handguns” as well as his de jure opposition to the use of handguns for self defense. As with Kennedy, these contradictions on Obama’s part are not alleged, they are actual. Yet he gets a pass because he’s one of “them” (a Democrat).

And the duplicity doesn’t stop with Clinton, Kennedy, and Obama. In August 2005, just days after Hurricane Katrina struck parts of the Gulf Coast, Democrat Representative William Jefferson entered his home in New Orleans to get $90,000 he’d stored in a refrigerator. Surprisingly, the news of this money led to charges that Jefferson was “taking bribes from a company seeking lucrative contracts in the Nigerian telecommunications market.” Not surprisingly, Jefferson successfully defeated his challenger and retained his congressional seat in December 2006, although the election was held amid his “ongoing federal bribery investigation.”


If you still need more proof of the double standard for Democrats, consider Democrat Al Franken. Long before taking Norm Coleman to court in an effort to steal an election and a Senate seat in Minnesota, he was an Air America personality with a penchant for skewing the facts. When the network ran into financial problems that led to shady financial dealings, Franken claimed to be “an innocent party with no knowledge of Air America’s money woes [and secret deals to keep the network solvent].” But in 2005, Michelle Malkin uncovered documents proving Franken not only knew about the under-the-table financial deals, he actually signed them.

Were it not for the confines of this article, we could look at Democrat Representative Barney Frank’s role in the “mortgage meltdown,” including his successful efforts to keep President George W. Bush from investigating Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae during Bush’s first term. We could examine Democrat Majority Leader Harry Reid’s lies about the troop surge in Iraq being unwarranted, as well as unsuccessful. We could also focus on Democrat Senator Debbie Stabenow’s receipt of “several thousand dollars” in campaign donations from “Democrat illegal-money man, Norman Hsu.” (Yes, that’s the same Senator Stabenow who is now pushing for the return of the “fairness doctrine” to silence conservative talk radio.)

Folks, the list just goes on and on. And as it now stands, if Republicans like Thomas or former Representative Tom Delay are falsely accused, innocent people are trampled in the rush to be the first liberal media outlet to bring the accused Republicans down. But when Democrats like Clinton, Kennedy, Obama, Jefferson, Franken, Frank, Reid, or Stabenow are actually duplicitous or proven law breakers, they are given a pass because they’re Democrats — the party of those who can lie, cheat, and steal yet remain politically viable in the United States.




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