New York City Is Getting Really Scary for Jews

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On Monday, anti-Israel activists held what they called a “Citywide Day of Rage for Gaza.” The rally began in Union Square, where participants did vile things like unfurling a banner reading "Long Live October 7," evoking Adolf Hitler, and harassing and assaulting a female reporter.


From there, the enlightened marchers made their way to The Nova Music Festival Exhibition, a massive memorial installation down on Wall Street that is visiting the city from Israel. The exhibition is "an in-depth remembrance of the brutal October 7th attack," according to its website. "The installation sets out to recreate an event dedicated to peace and love that was brutally cut short by Hamas’s attack on Israel from Gaza on that fateful day."

The exhibit's founders and their U.S. partners "are bringing this large-scale remembrance installation to NYC. Together, they have created a sacred space echoing the weight of the victims’ and survivors’ memories, surrounded by remains salvaged from the festival grounds—scorched cars, bullet-riddled bathroom stalls, and personal belongings all left behind." Visitors are also asked to join a plea for the safe return of the 134 hostages who are still in Hamas terrorists' hands.


It's the perfect place for a vile anti-Israel action! The plucky protestors swarmed the exhibit and terrorized attendees. The New York Post reported some of the mind-boggling details:

Horror gripped Menashe Manzuri as he watched on Monday as an anti-Israel mob swarm the Manhattan exhibit memorial for the Oct. 7 terror attacks and viciously echo the chants of terrorists who murdered his two daughters.

“I cannot find the right words how I felt when someone is shouting and supporting the people who murder your daughters,” Manzuri said Tuesday.

“It was like they killed me again and again and again.” 


At least four Oct. 7 survivors huddled at the exhibit “in a panic” as protesters mobbed outside, lit flares and chanted “Long live in the Intifada.”


Tal Shimony had finished telling the story an audience of 100 about her escape from terrorists at Nova when a producer delivered the shocking news: “There’s an intifada outside.”

“It was triggering,” said Shimony, 25.

“I had a panic attack. I was shocked. I thought, ‘How can this be happening?’” said the Israeli, adding that she saw a mob armed with Hamas and Hezbollah flags outside. “I thought, ‘How can this be happening again?’”

I don't know about you, but I am ashamed and disgusted that any Jewish person was treated thusly in the United States of America. This would be akin to a troop of neo-Nazis parading to the Holocaust Museum, lighting fires and setting off flares, and chanting their wish for another holocaust. 

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But wait, there's more!

A pack of demonstrators boarded the subway to depart their disgusting activities, and they kept the party going. In a packed subway car, a man led the masked antisemites in a charming chant. Imagine being a Jew or a normal person who supports Israel in this situation:

But wait, there's still more!

On Tuesday night, vandals targeted the home of Brooklyn Museum director Anne Pasternak, along with those of some of the museum board's Jewish members. They hung a large banner over the door of Pasternak's Brooklyn Heights co-op building that read, "Anne Pasternak Brooklyn Museum White Supremacist Zionist." The banner featured the requisite red handprints and fake blood of such hysterical trappings. The domestic terrorists also spray-painted inverted red triangles on the front door and ground-floor windows, which is a symbol Hamas sometimes uses to identify Israeli military targets.


I can't imagine that there is a lot of daylight between the run-up to the holocaust in 1930s Germany and NYC in the present day. In Germany, it spiraled into genocide when the authorities ceased enforcing the law and instead allowed goons to vandalize, terrorize, and grow increasingly violent toward Jews and their property. When Hitler rose to power, those goons became the authorities and enforcers.

In New York, Mayor Adams vows the police are on the trail of at least some of these antisemitic moblings. Whether they will be caught and — even more to the point in Trump-hunting, criminal-hugging NYC — prosecuted in a meaningful way is yet to be determined. Regardless, the ugliness running rampant in New York City right now should not even be happening in the first place. Something is very wrong.


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