Dear Biden Handlers: Please, Just Stop

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Biden bloopers reliably give conservatives a chuckle, usually followed by a bemused expression as we try to comprehend how this nursing home escapee is somehow in our White House. Now, as Democrats try to play the advantage they gave themselves by tying up their opponent in endless court proceedings, Biden has been trotted out to do some campaigning. But any advantage his handlers may have gained from the situation has been more than offset by the bizarre things "President" Joe Biden says and does in public.


Exhibit A involves a teleprompter-reading malfunction. In their desperation to make their tired old puppet say and do the right things, the handlers have taken to using several devices to aid him. These include his cheat sheets, the voice in his earpiece, and his omnipresent teleprompter. (D.C. insiders tell me the teleprompters Biden uses when he addresses a crowd are comically large. They are placed on poles or platforms behind the audience and media so they don't appear in news footage.)

On Wednesday, Biden stopped by the North America’s Building Trades Unions conference in Washington, D.C., to pick up their endorsement. He took the opportunity to repeatedly belittle Donald Trump — a man who has constructed buildings all over the globe — to the friendly, partisan attendees. Biden's remarks were peppered with slurred words and misspeak — including referring to Donald Trump as "the President" (23:39 mark). 

As he was wrapping it up, Biden was betrayed by his own, oversized teleprompter. Watch the most powerful man in the world read the stage direction "Pause" out loud:


The roomful of sheep leaped to its hooves and began bleating, "Four more years! Four more years!" in an attempt to distract from the pathetic performance, but the internet is forever. Not a good look for a guy trying to win an election.

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Biden's declining ability to simply read the correct words off a screen is a concern, of course, but it pales in comparison to his proclivity to just do bizarre stuff. We've seen him make up nonsense stories and stalk sweet-smelling children enough times that it's become background noise at this point. But the "devout Catholic" really upped his weirdness game on Tuesday.

Biden's handlers thought they could make him seem like the inevitable victor in the upcoming election and put him in the driver's seat by sending him to campaign in deep-red Florida. There, Biden defended muh sacred democracy by attacking the state's duly passed six-week abortion limit.

At a campaign rally alongside Florida politician Nikki Fried, Biden listened while the Democrat gubernatorial candidate raged against her opponent, Gov. Ron DeSantis, for signing the state's strict abortion law. "Then we come back here to the state of Florida where Ron Desantis felt like he needed to run for president and so 15 weeks was not good enough,' Fried seethed, as though politics were DeSantis's motive. "And then we had to go to six weeks."


At that moment, Biden inexplicably crossed himself. You kind of have to see it to believe it:

Bishop Joseph Strickland probably had the most accurate response to this disgusting abomination. "Absolutely vile, pray for the soul of our president, he is a feeble old man, he needs to prepare to meet his maker…" posted the Fourth Bishop of the Diocese of Tyler.

The Daily Mail pointed out that "The president, who describes himself as a practicing Catholic, makes the Sign of the Cross on occasion while speaking in public to lighten the mood, either to show the audience he is about to say something awful about someone out of anger or frustration or that he needs God's blessing." The site then gave several examples, such as "In November, Biden made the Sign of the Cross while mentioning former President Donald Trump, interrupting his speech to suggest he needed [to be] absolved for his sinful thoughts about the president."

It is possible that the demented relic reflexively pulled one of his crowd-pleasers out of his bag of shop-worn tricks at that point in Fried's pro-infanticide rant. That his synapses didn't fire up sufficiently to realize how wildly inappropriate the gesture was is a blinding, red-flashing warning light that he is not okay. He is not up to this campaign, and he is certainly not up to the office he currently holds.


Please, Joe Biden's handlers, give it a rest. How much worse does it need to get?


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