Pinch Me, I'm Dreaming: Florida to Communism-Proof Schoolchildren

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When I was growing up in America's heyday, all the adults around me understood that communism was evil. We were at (cold) war with the USSR, the horrorshow results of the red menace were staining the Far East with blood, and fleeing Cubans were literally drowning in shark-infested waters rather than live under Fidel Castro. A young Athena could ask any random grownup, "What's communism?" and learn everything she needed to know just from the repulsed expression on the adult's face at the mere mention of the word. 


"Communists want everyone to be the same," one wise elder summarized it to me. A red-blooded American, even at that tender age, I remember thinking about what a soulless nightmare that would be.

Flash forward, and the American establishment has become uniformly communized. But thank God, bastions of freedom still remain, and from these repositories we may yet be able to reclaim and rebuild the USA — especially if more states keep following Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis's lead. 

Speaking on the 63rd anniversary of JFK's Bay of Pigs disaster, standing behind a podium emblazoned with the glorious words ANTI-COMMUNIST EDUCATION, the magnificent governor announced the bill he was about to sign into law.

“We are committed to telling the truth about this ideology," the mighty governor avowed, "and we are going to make sure that people have a very accurate understanding of the human carnage that has resulted from communist regimes throughout history."

Tampa Bay Times covered the announcement of the historic and badly, badly needed correction to the education system:

Florida public schools will be required to teach students from kindergarten through 12th grade about the history of communism under a bill signed into law by Gov. Ron DeSantis on Wednesday.

The lessons will be required to be “age appropriate and developmentally appropriate” for each grade and will be developed by the Florida Department of Education. Among the required instruction, which would begin in the 2026-27 school year: lessons on the history of communism in the United States, the “increasing threat of communism in the United States” and the “atrocities committed in foreign countries under the guidance of communism.”


"We tell the truth about communism," wrote DeSantis in a post on X. He shared a graphic that outlined the provisions of Florida SB 1264:

This legislation:

Requires schools to give students age-appropriate instruction on the history of communism

Authorizes the newly-established Institute for Freedom in the Americas at Miami Dade College to promote the importance of economic and individual freedoms

  • Workshops, symposiums, and conferences

  • Coursework and programs that advance democratic practices and economic and legal reforms

  • Partners with the Adam Smith Center for Economic Freedom at Florida International University

Initiates a process for the Department of State and the Department of Education to provide a recommendation to the legislature on the creation of a museum on the history of communism

Miami Dade College President Madeline Pumariega also spoke at the news conference. She assured listeners that the new law will make sure no Florida student “ever romanticizes socialism.” 

Imagine being able to obtain your higher education without being surrounded by Marxists and socialists — what a dream! Where was Miami Dade when I was in college?

“Through the institute, both FIU and Miami Dade College will partner to make sure that we preserve democracy in the Americas,” said Pumariega. “We are [only] as good as our memory is.”


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According to the official summary, the new law also "Initiates a process for the Department of State and the Department of Education to provide a recommendation to the legislature on the creation of a museum on the history of communism."

“I am sure there’s going to be a lot of people down here that are going to want to see it located down here in Miami,” said DeSantis, in a nod to the Cuban exile community affectionately known as "Little Havana."

Gov. DeSantis is doing nation-saving work, laying the foundation for a future in which the majority of Americans once again loathe communism. He is saving his state and maybe his region. Can you imagine if DeSantis one day becomes president and has control over the federal DOE? The left would deeply regret ever empowering that department, as anti-communism training would be a required curriculum in every school across the country. 

This is how you save America.

You can watch Gov. DeSantis's entire broadcast below:



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