Stanford Law Students: Unfit for Bar or — God Forbid — Bench

Last week, the Federalist Society at Stanford Law School invited Fifth Circuit appellate judge Stuart Kyle Duncan to speak. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: the invited speaker was prevented from delivering his remarks by a mob of fascistic little snots. The Washington Free Beacon described the scene:


Nearly everyone in the room showed up to disrupt the proceeding, according to Duncan and two members of the Federalist Society, and many of the hundred or so students on hand were holding profane signs, including one that declared: “Duncan can’t find the cl*t.”

Each time Duncan began to speak, the protesters would heckle him with insults, shouting things like “scumbag!” and “you’re a liar!”

When Duncan called for an administrator to settle the students, associate diversity dean Tirien Steinbach joined him behind the podium — to side with the mob.

The repugnant Steinbach gave a pseudo rationale for dropping an anvil on Judge Duncan’s presentation that was as much about adhering to the Constitution as Antifa is dedicated to fighting fascism. She burned five minutes of Duncan’s scheduled time telling him how harmful and divisive it was for him to dare speak before her precious, safe community. “I am not in the business of either wanting to shut down speech, because I do know that if they come for this group today, they will come for the group that I am part of tomorrow,” claimed the DEI champion. But, “I understand why people feel like the harm is so great that we might need to reconsider these policies, and luckily they’re in a school where they can learn the advocacy skills to advocate for those changes.” Yes, Stanford Law School teaches students that feelings trump the freedom of speech.


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After completely disrupting and insulting the invited speaker, Steinbach reminded the students in the room that they had a choice whether or not to stay for Duncan’s remarks before finally — finally — leaving the podium. There followed an extended period of time during which half the students in the room walked out in ostentatious protest, leaving their obnoxious signs in front of and around Duncan’s podium. Here’s the video, if you have your BP meds on hand:

Duncan apparently was never allowed to give his prepared remarks, as the little demoniacs in the room immediately jumped to “a contentious question and answer session between Duncan […] and his critics, who continued to disrupt and jeer as he spoke:

The students appeared to have little familiarity with Duncan’s jurisprudence. Some accused him of suppressing the voting rights of African Americans, Duncan said—only to cite a case in which Duncan had actually dissented from the majority.

Other questions were less academic. “I f*ck men, I can find the prostate,” one student asked, according to Rosenberger. “Why can’t you find the cl*t?”

Duncan was escorted out of a back door by federal marshals, who told him, he said, that they were there to “protect” him.


The reprehensible young people and administrators in that room had nothing but contempt for an extremely impressive and highly positioned speaker whom, in a normal law school, students would treat with respect and admiration, perhaps hopeful of networking an entrée into the profession. The frightening conclusion we can draw from these rotten little brats’ behavior is that they have zero fear of being denied control of the judiciary in the future.

But wait, it gets worse.

We are long conditioned to accept that university administrations in these cases will at most issue a mealy-mouthed apology or statement and that no consequences will befall the budding fascists. And that has so far been the case here, with Stanford apologizing to Judge Duncan and claiming they were taking steps to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Yet not only has nothing of any substance been done to that end, but the thugs at Stanford are doubling down. They are now protesting the school’s lame apology.

The Washington Free Beacon has stayed on this story:

Hundreds of Stanford student activists on Monday lined the hallways to protest the law school’s dean, Jenny Martinez, for apologizing to Fifth Circuit appellate judge Kyle Duncan, whom the activists shouted down last week.

The embattled dean arrived to the classroom where she teaches constitutional law to find a whiteboard covered inch to inch in fliers attacking Duncan and defending those who disrupted him, according to photos of the room and multiple eyewitness accounts. The fliers parroted the argument, made by student activists, that the heckler’s veto is a form of free speech.


The demonstrators spent the class soundlessly glaring at the Dean as well as the brave students who declined to join them.

When Martinez’s class adjourned on Monday, the protesters, dressed in black and wearing face masks that read “counter-speech is free speech,” stared silently at Martinez as she exited her first-year constitutional law class at 11:00 a.m., according to five students who witnessed the episode. The student protesters, who formed a human corridor from Martinez’s classroom to the building’s exit, comprised nearly a third of the law school, the students told the Washington Free Beacon.

The majority of Martinez’s class—approximately 50 students out of the 60 enrolled—participated in the protest themselves, two students in the class said. The few who didn’t join the protesters received the same stare down as their professor as they hurried through the makeshift walk of shame.

The sheer number of would-be lawyers and judges participating in this perversion of the Constitution and intimidation of anyone who doesn’t step up to join them is shocking. “If enough of these kids get into the legal profession,” Judge Duncan remarked, “the rule of law will descend into barbarism.”

He’s absolutely right, and now is the time to prevent that from happening. If Stanford will not take any action to stamp out the fascism that has taken root in its law school, then the school itself must be censured. A J.D. from Stanford must disqualify for employment the dangerous fascist weasels the school is willfully unleashing in our country. This has to end now, or we won’t be able to recover.




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