Five Excellent New Job Ideas for Donald Trump

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Donald Trump is an American hero. He towered in the business world as an extremely successful billionaire developer, went on to conquer media with a hit TV show, then tried out politics and went straight to the top — saving America from a Hillary administration and most likely irreversible indenture to the globalist-communist cabal. All this came at a great personal cost for Trump and his family and associates, and America owes him a massive debt of gratitude.


The former president has a wealth of experience in many spheres as well as a gift for entering a new sector and quickly dominating it with his dynamic leadership. Yet there remain realms which The Donald has yet to conquer. With the next generation of Republican leadership stepping up to the plate, Trump could continue to serve and save his country most effectively in any of several new roles. Here are the top five potential next chapters for one of America’s most effective leaders:

1. The Trump Foundation

The Left has George Soros’s Open Society Foundations, and the damage they’ve done to our once-great republic is profound. Whether it’s destroying election security, promoting crime and chaos, or waging war on Christianity and traditional American values, Soros foundation money is probably behind it.

The Clintons have a foundation. So do the Obamas. It’s a natural and influential next step for a former president to continue fundraising, leading, and shaping society. Imagine the good Trump could do by setting up a 501(c)(3) focused on Making America Great Again.

2. Trump Media, Inc.

Donald Trump forever opened America’s eyes to the bias in the mainstream media, and once we saw it, we could never unsee it. He’s now uniquely positioned to stop complaining about Fake News and bring America some real news! He could change the course of the country by finally telling the stories that Big Media and Big Tech suppress. Bonus: Trump has never forgiven Fox News for calling Arizona early for Biden in 2020 (and frankly, neither have most of us); now’s his chance to crush them.

3. Congressional Rep from Florida

Trump has killed it as a businessman, a media star, and a federal executive — why not try his hand as a legislator? As a Florida representative, he’d be an excellent fit in the House, where his vocal and charismatic brand of leadership would be extremely influential. What would be more fun than seeing Rep. Trump deploy his cutting nicknames and plain talk on the airheads in The Squad?

4. Lawfare Warrior

Leftists created the tactic of lawfare, a weapon they wield to great effect to hamstring their enemies. But nothing they’ve done has ever come close to the total war to which they subjected President Donald Trump. America has watched in horror as Leftists weaponized federal and state law enforcement apparatus in a systemic abuse of authority aimed at destroying their number-one nemesis. The abuse continues today.

Here again, Donald Trump is uniquely situated to put a world of legal hurt on these people. He has resources, he has fire in his belly to get revenge, and most importantly, he has legal standing from the damages he’s suffered under their malicious prosecution. Perhaps civil suits can succeed where Durham failed. Indemnity only goes so far; a firm of dedicated, well-funded lawyers and cases brought strategically in non-Leftist districts can drag petty authoritarians into lawsuit hell, whether or not the cases are ultimately adjudicated in Trump’s favor. Let’s see how these power abusers like it when the shoe is on the other foot, and they’re the ones being punished with the process.


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5. Golf Pro

Donald Trump has worked indefatigably his whole life and contributed prosperity to America along the way. He certainly deserves to do something he loves, and golf has been a lifelong passion for 45. Whether as a player or a promoter, he could shake up the golf world. Maybe he can combine his interests and ink a deal to host the new LIV Golf league tournament series at his international properties. The PGA has ruled American golf since 1967. How exciting would a new global pro tour, backed by a partnership between Trump, Inc. and the Saudis, be? The prize money alone would be breathtaking, let alone the glamour and opulence for which the league could quickly become famous.

The mighty President Trump disrupted the globalists’ growing control and righted the judiciary when America needed him most. But the GOP has plenty of rising stars on the bench now, and Trump is a unique American hero who could do the most good beyond the strictures of politics at this point. Whatever he decides to do, may he keep working to Make America Great Again.


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