Disney Company-Wide Pro-LGBTQ Meeting Horrifies Employees

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The Walt Disney Company held an organization-wide virtual meeting on Monday, during which its executive leadership pledged the organization’s allegiance to the LGBTQ+ cause.


Disney CEO Bob Chapek kicked off the meeting with yet another abject apology for not jumping astride the rainbow train tout de suite when the Florida legislature began working on the Parental Rights in Education bill. (Critics call it the “Don’t Say Gay” bill; I call it the “Let Children Have a Childhood” bill.)

The Daily Wire reported on the meeting:

According to [a Disney] insider, Chapek said that he appreciates the feedback he’s received from LGBTQIA+ employees and admitted that he made mistakes in addressing the “Parents Rights in Education” bill, but he said that “the pain this community experienced was not just about this one piece of legislation but about not being there anytime this community has been hurt.”

Okay, groomer.

Chapek disclosed that Disney leadership would be going on a “listening tour” of its rainbow employees, which sounds like it will be simply abysmal. (There was apparently no discussion of a “listening tour” of parents.) Then a panel of LGBTQ activists gave a presentation which, according to the insider, was “about wanting Disney to indoctrinate kids.”

Next, Disney Chief Human Resources Officer Paul Richardson told the workers that the family entertainment behemoth would be taking “action” against the state of Texas, where Gov. Abbott recently ordered state investigations into adults who provide life-altering medical procedures to children not yet old enough to buy a can of beer. “Because of our presence in Texas, we want you to know that we’ve signed on to the Human Rights Campaign’s letter opposing the Texas bill that criminalizes parents who provide for their transgender children gender-affirming care,” announced Richardson, according to the insider.


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Another Disney insider, who spoke with PJ Media, couldn’t be bothered to attend the meeting, though he watched bits of the recording. The employee said that most workers just want to do their jobs. The insider believes the company’s rabid focus on LGBTQ issues is a distraction that hurts productivity because, “at the end of the day, the work has to get done.”

The insider reported that many inside Disney disagree with the company’s public LGBTQ agenda for children. “This content is not appropriate for a child,” he said, referring to transgender material aimed at young kids. “It will mess them up. It messes me up as an adult.” The insider says others inside the company, especially parents of young children, complain behind the scenes. These employees support the pending Florida law. “Why are sexuality and gender theory part of kids’ education? They shouldn’t be,” said the employee.

Anonymous conservative Disney employees posted an open letter and petition opposing the company’s LGBTQ activism plans. A Disney shareholder who signed the petition told PJ Media that she is “not a fan of family-oriented companies taking political stances in either direction.” The shareholder also supports Florida’s pending childhood protection law.


The insider who spoke to the Daily Wire and attended the live meeting called the presentations “strategy sessions” to subvert parents’ will and indoctrinate children.

“These activist employees and outside organizations recognize Disney’s cultural significance. They want to use the company to make an end-run around parents through content creation and political pressure,” he fumed. “They see it as their mission to rescue the next generation from their conservative parents.”



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