Good News! Ukrainian "Go F**k Yourself" Snake Island Marines 'Alive and Well'

It was a made-for-Hollywood development in Russia’s war on Ukraine. Thirteen heroic Ukrainian border guards, who were stationed on a tiny, remote but strategically important island, were approached by a Russian warship on Thursday. The vessel hailed them, saying, “This is a Russian warship. I propose you lay down arms and surrender to avoid bloodshed & unnecessary victims. Otherwise, you’ll be bombed.”


The Ukrainian guards replied, “Russian warship, go f**k yourself.”

The bombardment followed, after which there was radio silence from tiny Zmiinyi (Snake Island), which led to the presumption that the thirteen guards were dead. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy confirmed it Thursday evening in a statement. “On our Snake Island, defending it to the last, all the border guards died heroically,” he said. “But they did not give in. All of them will be awarded the title of Hero of Ukraine posthumously. Eternal memory to those who gave their lives for Ukraine.”

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But happily, yesterday morning, the Public Relations Service of the Naval Forces Commandments, Armed Forces of Ukraine, posted the news that the soldiers were, in fact, alive, well, and in Russian custody.

Regarding the Marines and border guards, who were taken captive by Russian occupiers on the island of Snake.

We are very happy to learn that our brothers are alive and well with them! …

At the same time, the sailors bravely rebuked twice the attacks of the Russian invaders. Because of BC’s marriage [sic], they could not continue the protection of the island.

In turn, the invaders “forgot” to report that they had completely destroyed the island’s infrastructure: lighthouse, carnations, antennas, etc. Accordingly, the connection with the snake was interrupted. Repeated attempts to contact the personal team and learn about its fate were futile. And the permanent shelling on the side of warships and aviation of the Russian Federation did not allow to help the Marines.

In summary, we want to add, the enemy once demonstrated his essence. He proved again that there is no faith and truth in his actions and words.

And we are looking forward to our brothers and with all our soul.


In the meantime, the phrase “Russian warship: go f**k yourself” — a battle cry that has as much cachet as classics like “Rangers, lead the way” —  has blown up across the internet. People everywhere embraced the courageous declaration of defiance. (Language warning ahead.)

Memes occurred:

T-shirts are already on the market:

My PJ Media colleague Megan Fox thought the whole “Heroes of Snake Island” story was too perfect from the start, and she maintains the audio will probably be debunked at some point. I hope not, because it truly is a great morale booster. At any rate, the destruction of the Snake Island infrastructure and capture of the 13 Ukrainian guards appears to be confirmed at this point. Wouldn’t it be great if the only part of this story that turns out to have been exaggerated is the casualties?



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