Democrat NYC Mayoral Candidate Gives Creepy, Dehumanizing Debate Performance

Lips pursed into a smarmy pout, Democrat NYC mayoral candidate and Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams stared directly ahead throughout last night’s debate. He steadfastly refused to glance to his left, let alone make eye contact with his opponent, Curtis Sliwa.


Sliwa is both the Republican and Independent candidate for Mayor of NYC, as well as the founder of the legendary Guardian Angels civilian patrol group. He is a life-long New Yorker and a legacy fixture around the city. He is every bit as accomplished as Eric Adams and every bit as deserving of acknowledgment and respect. Yet Adams acted as though there were no one on the podium but himself.

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Robotically gazing into the camera, Adams used the debate to champion a grab bag of socialist initiatives: “free” fare for subways and buses; vaccine mandates for city workers, residents, and school children; changing laws to legalize deadly, not-to-code basement apartments; and of course, the eternal progressive wet dream, votes for non-citizens.

Sliwa gave an animated performance, using his trademark bombastic style to argue for logical, orderly solutions to the city’s problems, such as alternatives to COVID-19 vaccine mandates, shutting down costly but ineffective programs, compelling landlords to follow statutes, and reserving voting for US citizens. (How tragic that such a concept is even up for discussion.)


Adams is so heavily favored to win Gracie Mansion that he manifestly felt as though he didn’t need to acknowledge Sliwa’s existence. Right-leaning residents of New York—or any blue locale or region—are well accustomed to being ignored as they’re railroaded into socialism, Marxism, and other ill-advised Democrat policies. Unanswered emails and calls to bureaucratic departments, closed municipal proceedings, and city council diktats are regular features of life for the non-Progressive citizen of a Progressive city or state.

Right-leaning New Yorkers may as well resign themselves to being de-personed by the new boss, same as the old boss.


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