Jolt Cola, 'The Original American Energy Drink,' Is Back—and Only $1 Per Can!

(Image via PRNewsfoto/Jolt Cola)

Jolt Cola made its debut in 1985 as “The Original American Energy Drink,” and they are proud to let everyone know that their cola contains 16 ounces of “all the sugar and twice the caffeine.” This highly caffeinated soda is geared towards adult night owls and gamers, and it’s finally back after being discontinued in 2009.


Their claim of “twice the caffeine” isn’t quite right, as Jolt actually has about 3.5 times the caffeine as the equivalent serving of Coca-Cola, and it’s closer to the caffeine content that you’d find in a Red Bull. Jolt Cola uses real sugar as opposed to corn syrup, but Jolt’s sugar content (25 grams) is actually slightly lower than what you’d find in either Coke or Pepsi. (26g and 28g, respectively.)

Classic cola enthusiasts can now find individual 16-ounce cans of Jolt exclusively at Dollar General stores for the next year, but it is currently unknown where this retro soda will be sold after their initial partnership with Dollar General runs its course.

Jolt Cola CEO Doug Dixon commented on the revival of their infamous energy drink. “Drinking Jolt is a vice. We heard our fans clamoring for the only beverage with enough caffeine to get them through all-nighters,” he said. “A lot of bad decisions were made while drinking Jolt the first time around and we intend to make sure that a steady supply of Jolt continues our fans in that direction.”


Vanilla Coke is my go-to cola, and I chug a Mountain Dew Kickstart when I’m looking for a caffeine buzz, but a cola-flavored energy drink that’s a third of the price of your average energy soda has my attention. Keep an eye out for red and white banded cans of Jolt Cola, because it became available at Dollar General stores nationwide on September 21.


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