Psaki Tangles With Reporter Over Abortion and Biden's Vatican Visit

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During her Wednesday press briefing, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki got into a testy exchange with reporter Owen Jensen when he asked whether abortion would be a topic when President Joe Biden meets with Pope Francis.


“The White House has said they will discuss working together on efforts grounded in respect for fundamental human dignity,” Jensen, who works for the Catholic news network EWTN, said. “Will that include the human dignity of the unborn?”

“Well, Owen,” Psaki responded, “as you know, although you ask me most often, if not every time, about abortion, I will say there was a great deal of agreement.”

“Is there a problem with my question?” Jensen interrupted.

“Let me finish my answer,” Psaki quipped back. “There’s not. You can ask anything you want. But what I wanted to note, since you follow this closely, is that there’s a great deal of agreement and overlap with the president and Pope Francis on a range of issues — poverty, combating the climate crisis, ending the COVID-19 pandemic — these are all hugely important, impactful issues that will be the centerpiece of what their discussion is when they meet.”

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Psaki claimed Biden, a pro-abortion Catholic, has dissimilar abortion views to the pope, who condemns abortion in all instances. Biden and the pope will discuss several issues of agreement during the Friday visit, but abortion won’t be one of them.

“You are familiar with where the president stands. He’s somebody who stands up for and believes that a woman’s right to choose is important,” Psaki added, before desperately trying to move to a different reporter, though Jensen persisted, “The pope has said abortion is murder and it’s like hiring a hitman. Does the president agree or disagree with that?”


“You know that the president believes in a woman’s right to choose,” Psaki replied. “You’re very familiar with this issue. We’ve spoken about it many times.”

Liberal outlets applauded Psaki’s latest condescending performance.

Biden has faced criticism for changing his abortion views due to political expediency, especially as they relate to his Catholic faith.

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops drafted a formal document this summer on the meaning of the Eucharist after a serious debate on whether politicians who support abortion, like Biden, can still receive Communion.

Biden is scheduled to fly to Italy on Thursday for the G-20 summit, before jetting up to Glasgow, Scotland, for a large UN climate gathering, which undeniably will produce apocalyptic hysteria and unreasonable goals.


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