Howard Stern: Once a Rebel, Now a Bitter and Obedient Tool


Howard Stern, who apparently is still on the air, returned from another vacation this week — after taking the entire summer off — and went on the warpath against unvaccinated NBA star Kyrie Irving.

“In terms of idiots, he’s gotta be the top idiot in the country right now. Guy’s got a chance as a young man to make millions of dollars, all he’s gotta do is get vaccinated,” Stern ranted Tuesday. “Talk about stupid, there’s some people who are willing to walk away from millions of dollars and not get vaccinated. They’re so stupid they’re putting their mouth where their money is.”

The 67-year-old’s diatribe says very little that is substantive. You can believe in taking vaccines and still realize Irving, who is a bit zany and not as articulate as fellow pro basketball player Jonathan Isaac, doesn’t think his employer should force him to take a vaccine when he’s at little risk from the coronavirus.

Many feel a Stern of the past would have questioned the role of the government–or any authority–in the enforcement of company-wide mandates.

But Stern, who used to stand up against his bosses, is now just an angry, selfish old man, who’d apparently rather use his megaphone to wish death on fellow Americans and demand people follow rules. Stern also brags that he’s barely left his house since the start of the pandemic.

Pundit Clay Travis recently tweeted, “The Stern of the 1990s would absolutely despise the Stern of the 2020s. Wild to see a rebel turn into a sheep.”

New York City’s authoritarian indoor vaccine mandate prevents Irving from entering the Barclays Center in Brooklyn for home games without getting inoculated. Irving will therefore lose half of his salary because he’s ineligible to participate in half of his team’s games.

But that’s not enough punishment from the Brooklyn Nets. Their management actually will bench Irving for road games, too, until he’s fully compliant with all vaccine mandates, costing him his entire salary.

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For his part, Stern applauded the corporation. The liberal shill ended his tantrum by praising the basketball team and also pleading with the Biden administration to do more to force the jab into healthy Americans.

“I don’t know who runs the Nets, but I wish they were running the country,” Stern said. “I love this. Basically saying, ‘Listen douchebag, you’ve got to do what is right.’”

Corporate media, which once loathed Stern, now sees him as an ally. They simply said, “Howard Stern just said what many people are thinking.”

Wow. The roles have been so reversed.



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