Has Joe Biden Ever Visited the Southern Border? Jen Psaki Can't Spin This One

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As the migrant crisis continues in Texas, it’s a good time to “circle back” to the White House for info on when, if ever, President Joe Biden has visited the southern border.


Fox News’ Peter Doocy asked Press Secretary Jen Psaki earlier this week whether Biden has done so in his life, saying, “I’ve been looking all morning and we cannot find any records of him at visiting the border as president, vice president, senator, or even as a concerned citizen. Why would that be?”

Psaki had no additional knowledge to share and said she would check, before Doocy noted that the president has traveled just this year to various parts of the country affected by wildfires and hurricanes to check the needs of the local community.

“Well, first of all, Peter, I think the situation at the border is the result of a broken system. And the President certainly relies on his experience,” Psaki replied in her classic condescending fashion. “So, whether it was the work he did to address root causes as vice president, his efforts when he was in the Senate to support comprehensive immigration reform, steps that at a time—or done—being done—and worked toward in a bipartisan way, something that certainly we think should be the case today. He uses all of these experiences to inform how he governs how he approaches challenges, and certainly he looks again at the last four years and the separation of children who are ripped from the arms of their parents as a way he does not want to proceed.”


This long-winded bureaucratic dance never answered the straightforward question of whether Biden’s ever been to the Mexico-United States border. We know he hasn’t as president. But what about during his nearly 80 years on earth, 50 of those as a politician, when he could have gone there any time on the taxpayer dime?

Heck, not counting various visits as a child to Tijuana for shopping and a few pleasure trips to Matamoros and Nogales as a younger man, I went to the Texas-Mexico border area 14 times between 2012 and 2016 — from El Paso and Del Rio to Eagle Pass and Brownsville.

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Psaki has deemed the border situation horrible, but nearly 72 hours later, we still have no answer. And Biden, when not avoiding the press, recently confessed that the border is not under control.

Friday morning, Biden evinced more anger at Border Patrol agents—for something they didn’t dothan anyone can recall him mustering for the Taliban.



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