APPALLING: White House Chief of Staff Promotes Afghanistan-Holocaust Analogy

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain is infamous on Twitter for constantly promoting views from the most left-wing politicians and obsequious pro-Biden media all day.

Two women he’s become most fond of throughout August are the noxious MSNBC host Joy Reid and the Washington Post’s totally delusional Jen Rubin, who many years ago was a legitimate journalist.

Fox News reported last week that the chief of staff promoted Reid and Rubin 15 times during a recent 10-day period.

The lowest point, however, came this weekend when Klain retweeted Reid, who was retweeting Rubin, who actually compared the chaotic, deadly Kabul Airport evacuation to Schindler’s List. Oskar Schindler, of course, was a German who saved the lives of at least 1,000 Jews during the Holocaust by employing them in his Polish factories.

Mistakes by the Biden administration in Afghanistan are indefensible, and their response has perhaps been worse. And while many in the media were critical of the fiasco for a week or two, now they have retreated to disingenuousness and offensive politics as usual.

As for Biden, Klain, Reid and Rubin, instead of apologizing for countless Americans about to be left behind enemy lines due to their ineptitude, they inexplicably claim that the administration is acting as heroically as those who saved Jews from Nazi extermination.

Both Klain and Rubin, for what it’s worth, are Jewish. That probably makes this incident even more appalling.

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