Rachel Maddow Cries While Telling Story of Afghan Translator Fleeing Kabul

(MSNBC video screenshot)

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow — a left-winger who has engaged in lots of conspiratorial balderdash through the years — was reduced to tears this week as she shared the story of an Afghan translator who tried to escape the country as the Taliban seized control.


While the Biden administration and its most obsequious media claim everything is going swimmingly in Afghanistan, Maddow explains that it’s a debacle, which has forced stateside veterans to make arrangements to help translators with whom they worked get out of the country safely before the White House’s artificial Aug. 31 deadline.

Maddow focused on the story of a translator called “Zak” and Marine Corps Major Tom Schueman, who served together a decade ago. Schueman worked for months via phone and computer to help Zak and his family escape the tumult and come to America. The story has highs, lows, and often shows our federal government’s ineptitude.

“This is not how this is supposed to go, right?” Maddow said. “This is not the might of the U.S. government. This is not the promise we made to people like Zak. It’s not how we were supposed to be bringing them home because getting this does not mean, oh, they’ll hop the next flight out. Window is closing. Getting this wrong means theses people will get killed. And so you just keep on doing whatever you can.”

Maddow highlighted Schueman’s social media posts, noting that recently Zak’s family got “so close” to getting on a plane, but didn’t make it. 

Choked up, Maddow then showed Schueman’s latest social media posts saying the U.S. Air Force had located Zak’s family, and they boarded a flight out of Kabul Airport.

She closed by imploring her audience to contact anyone they know who can help Afghan refugees attempting to flee.

Schueman recently spoke to the media about his attempts to help get Zak and his family onto a plane, and similar stories are happening elsewhere across America.



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