What Did San Francisco Expect When It Elected the Progeny of Militant Marxist Terrorists?

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America’s cities are under siege from violent crime. And despite the horrifying news out of Chicago and other urban hotspots each week, crime is up everywhere over the past year.


Not coincidentally, cities with the toughest gun laws and generations of progressive governance are the most dangerous

San Francisco, where no Republican has been mayor since the 1950s, is often the quintessential example of leftism’s failures. It’s gotten so bad that a city where nearly 90% of voters supported Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton for president concluded a months-long recall effort Wednesday on their new district attorney, with a second campaign running through October.

The child of militant Marxist terrorists — his father remains in jail for murdering two police officers 40 years ago; his mother was released in 2003 — Chesa Boudin ran for district attorney essentially on a criminals’ first agenda

He promised to end mass incarceration, cash bail, establish a unit to review alleged wrongful convictions, aggressively prosecute police, and never provide assistance to ICE.

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Declaring the death penalty to be “racist” and “immoral,”  the 40-year-old pledged that his office would not seek the death penalty in future cases.

Boudin’s decriminalizing policies, especially releasing repeat offenders, have led to tragic outcomes. His record on property crime and charging rates is equally abysmal.

Residents and dwindling tourists step over used needles and human feces


While the increase in San Francisco’s homicides last year versus 2019 was not quite as large as in Minneapolis, Portland, or elsewhere, burglaries and car thefts have dramatically increased.

And then there’s drug addiction.

In 2020, more than 700 people suffered fatal overdoses in San Francisco — far more than perished due to COVID-19 — a record that will undoubtedly be surpassed this year.

Vehicle break-ins are also up 750% in parts of the city to nearly 2,000 per month. Burglaries also are up significantly from recent years.

Walgreens spent 35 times more on security guards at its San Francisco stores than other cities and recently announced plans to shutter 17 locations within the city.

Boudin is one of many noxious prosecutors recently elected to public office. Most are failing, including his radical colleague down the highway in Los Angeles, George Gascon, who also faces a recall petition due to his poor performance.

George Soros heavily funded both Boudin and Gascon’s campaigns, while Boudin was raised by Weather Underground terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn. What exactly did voters expect?



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