Victory? Obama’s Goal in Syria Is … a Tie

Put aside for the moment that it is both perverse and a felony violation of federal law for the Obama administration willfully to provide arms it well knows will end up in the hands of al Qaeda and other jihadist-terrorists.


Put aside, too, the anomaly that the Obama administration says the shutdown means there is no money for the operation of national parks and cemeteries, but somehow there is still plenty of federal money to train and arm the Muslim Brotherhood-dominated, al Qaeda-ridden Syrian mujahideen.

In his stubborn, imperial determination to back enemies of America against other enemies of America, President Obama is not even trying to win. After all, toppling Assad – you know, the reason Obama said we had to aid the “rebels” – might upset the Iranian mullahs … Assad’s America-hating patrons whom our president is now deliriously courting.

So this whole Syria controversy is about achieving … a tie.

Government officials tell the Washington Post:

The CIA’s mission … has been defined by the White House’s desire to seek a political settlement, a scenario that relies on an eventual stalemate among the warring factions rather than a clear victor. As a result, officials said, limits on the agency’s authorities enable it to provide enough support to help ensure that politically moderate, U.S.-supported militias don’t lose but not enough for them to win.


Meanwhile …

11 of the largest armed factions in Syria, including some backed by the United States, announced the formation of an alliance with a goal of creating an Islamic state. The alliance is led by Jabhat al-Nusra, a group that has sworn allegiance to the al-Qaeda leadership in Pakistan.

So, to recap, during a government shutdown when the administration is denying public services to Americans, it is continuing to provide material support to terrorists in order to achieve a stalemate (which is what we have now) until we can arrive at a diplomatic solution acceptable to Iran, Assad, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the other jihadists.

Now there’s a policy to be proud of.


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