Mini Review: "Wind River"

It would be a pleasure to give Wind River unbridled praise. The writer/director Taylor Sheridan (a lead actor in the FX Series Sons of Anarchy) wrote last year’s excellent crime film Hell or High Water, probably the best picture of the year. The year before that, he wrote Sicario, another slam-bang crime film, though undermined by the casting of Emily Blunt in what was clearly meant to be a male lead role.


Wind River starts out great and has Jeremy Renner in it, always a major plus. He plays a hunter in an Indian Reservation who comes upon a murdered girl and teams up with FBI Agent Elizabeth Olsen to find the killer. Everything is gangbusters until the last act when unearned revelations about barely known characters send what should have been a top flight mystery skidding off into revenge porn and needless pontifications.

It’s good. Worth watching. But it could’ve been so much better. Which is a shame, but I still put my money on Sheridan to produce great stuff in the future. He’s a genuine talent.


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