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Why I'll Vote for Donald Trump

Donald Trump is a boorish buffoon with dangerously fascist instincts and on Tuesday I will vote for him, sadly, but without a qualm.

Where there are hard moral choices, people of conscience may disagree — that's what makes them hard. So here's my reasoning.

Must I vote for either main candidate? I love my country in two essential ways. More nobly, I love it for the republican ideals it embodies and represents: personal liberty, limited government, and equality before the law. As protected by our Constitution, those ideals have changed the world for the better, for everyone everywhere, but especially for minorities and women. (Say Thank you, minorities and women -- and don't forget to stand up when they play the National Anthem.) When the U.S. no longer represents these ideals, I will cease to love her in this noble sense, but I will continue to love her in another, more basic way, the way a man may love his wayward mother. This country made me, created me, shaped me. In order for me to act against the love I feel in response — in order for me not to answer her call to duty — the country would not just have to abandon its ideals, it would have to actively seek to destroy them, the way Germany did in the last century. For all that our institutions have decayed due to leftism and stupidity (but I repeat myself), that hasn't happened.

So... in a moment of anger and foolishness, my country, which I love, has called upon me to make a choice between two truly dreadful human beings. In principle, and to some degree in truth, for a conservative not to choose is to give aid to the greater leftist, Hillary Clinton. In order to do that, I would have to believe that Trump was just as dangerous to the American polity. Please don't send me high-minded quotations about the lesser of two evils. Neither of these people is evil, no, nor Barack Obama either. Corrupt, despicable, incompetent, selfish, yes. But only an American spoiled by nearly 250 years of relatively good government could confuse any of these clowns with the likes of Hitler or Stalin or Jeffrey Dahmer, evil indeed.

These people are bad but one of them is going to be president, and if one is better than the other, it's my patriotic duty to try to figure out which one that is and vote for him or her.