Why Evan McMullin Is My Moral Choice

This election has been boring as hell. Too much screaming, too much fear, and far too much anti-Semitism have inspired me to do little more than shake my head as I scroll through my Twitter feed. Personally, I was hoping for a Cruz-Sanders match, not because I believed in or favored either one of them, but on the face of it, we’d at least get to the crux of the ideological battle over how America should govern itself into the future. Alas, the Free Market v. Socialism election gave way to Corrupt v. Corrupt. Worse yet, it gave way to two candidates from two different parties who have one thing in common: Scary ties to Vladimir Putin.

John Schindler, security expert and former NSA analyst with one awesome Twitter feed, has shed essential light on the Trump-Clinton-Putin threesome:

…there is reason to believe that Moscow considers [Trump] an agent of influence, to use Kremlin-speak. … agents of influence are secret friends who help to embellish Russia’s image abroad while boosting the Kremlin politically. Some agents of influence are paid while others help Moscow gratis, out of conviction. During the Cold War their ranks included Western politicians, businessmen, journalists, even celebrities—and there’s no reason to think that practice ended when the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991 and took the KGB with it.

… The involvement of the Clinton Foundation in a shady lucrative deal to sell the Kremlin 20 percent of America’s uranium—the most militarily useful of all chemical elements, given its nuclear applications—was so outrageous even the mainstream media took notice. I’ve previously exposed how the Podesta Group, a Democratic lobbying firm which is closely tied to Team Clinton, has worked for the biggest bank in Russia, which is owned by the Kremlin—and linked to Russian intelligence. I’ve also brought to light how Hillary, as secretary of state, helped the Clinton Foundation and her close friends make millions of dollars off sweetheart deals with Russia’s “Silicon Valley”—which, yet again, is mostly owned by the Kremlin and has documented links to its spy agencies.

Schindler goes on to explain in great detail the relationship between Soviet agent of influence Armand Hammer and both Al Gore Senior and Junior. He concludes, “Has Clinton, Inc., secretly been on Moscow’s payroll for decades? Sixteen years after [Russian Parliament member] Mitrofanov publicly asked that question, we still don’t know.”

To anyone with even a cursory understanding of disinformation (something the conservative media is only starting to explore) the truth is evident that both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are at least Russian agents-of-influence. The chances of either one pushing pro-Putin policy in the White House are virtually undeniable.

So, what is a political conservative to do? Certainly not vote Jill Stein. What about writing in that virtually unheard-of guy, Evan McMullin?