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The Alt-Right and BLM are One and the Same

This was the week that the most debased presidential candidate in memory called her opponent racist. Or his opponent. Hey, here's a situation where one of those genderless pronouns would actually come in handy!

But while these two terrible people are slinging the Great American Insult at one another, it might be a good time for the lovable rest of us to consider for a moment how absurd our "national conversation on race" really is.

There are many negative judgements one can make about a group of people that do not necessarily involve prejudice or bigotry. One can deem their religious precepts to be misguided or untrue. One can find their culture to be primitive or destructive. One can see their government as backward or oppressive. One can even find their sports boring, if they go around playing soccer all the time. In each case, one can have good and moral grounds to make those assessments.

But to judge a group of people on their race is madness — and once you've done it, just about everything you say afterward becomes fantastical.

I don't want to argue about the existence of race, though it is a pretty muddy business. Geneticists can trace strains of inheritance to various areas and no doubt evolution guided development a bit differently in each. But inter-breeding and migration over thousands of years continue to produce new and complex varieties of individuals while evolution continues to do its work every day. All we really know is that the German barbarians of one century become the musicians and philosophers of the next and the dictatorial murderers of the one after that. The future of a people — like the future of the climate — is far too complex and event-dependent for anyone to predict.