Why the Third-Party Bus Is Going Nowhere

My wife likes to tease me that my life's purpose is to alienate every single human being on the face of the earth. In truth, I find this to be the simple result of trying to be as honest as possible. But whether it's a bug or a feature of my existence, there is simply no doubt that the candidacy of Donald Trump has taken me a long way to the goal. By neither supporting the abysmal businessman nor declaring myself in the #NeverTrump camp, I am gathering enemies like a certain substance gathers flies — and many of those enemies would say the simile is more than apt!

But while I'm still listening to the arguments of both #NeverTrumpers and those who believe Trump would be the Second Worst Thing that could happen to the country, there is one thing I'm pretty sure of: a third-party candidacy is a very bad idea.

Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard — a very smart man who seems to get every prediction wrong (a Kristol Ball and a crystal ball sound the same but are really opposites) — says a third party is just what we need:

The Republican National Committee and the Trump and Clinton campaigns are trying to sort of strangle it in its infancy. Because they're scared of it... When you throw Mitt Romney's name in... he right away is at 22%. 37-35-22. He hasn't done anything. In other polls, the independent, generic independent continues run 20, 21. Half of the Clinton voters and half of the Trump voters don't want to be for Clinton or Trump. They're against the other person. If they had an alternative... The way the country is really set up, a quarter of the country is for Trump. A quarter of the country is for Clinton. Half the country is open to an alternative. The ABC poll shows half, basically half, 45% saying, we would like to have a third choice.