Klavan On The Culture

Conservative Pundits Gone Wild

The mighty-yet-lovable Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit (and believe me, it’s no small trick being both mighty and lovable, as I well know!) frequently remarks about climate alarmists, “I’ll believe it’s a crisis when they start acting like it’s a crisis.” Which is to say, if these alarmist clowns really thought there was a globe-threatening disaster looming, they wouldn’t be flying around in private jets, buying energy-sucking mansions near the perilously rising sea, or selling their TV stations for big oil money.

Well, as far as I’m concerned, the same Insta-principle applies to conservatives. For the past six years, I’ve heard nothing from conservatives but despair and woe over the lawless perfidy of the Obama regime. The republic is falling — has fallen! The Constitution is in shreds! Liberty is a thing of the past! Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world! My alternative theory — that Obama is a hapless schmuck who can’t see his own slapstick failures because he (one) suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder and (b) is protected by a corrupt news media — has been repeatedly shouted down as way too rosy. I’m a fool to think the president is merely a Bozo who has created a terrible mess that will take at least a decade to clean up — so conservatives tell me — when it’s clear he’s actually an Alinskyite super-genius Islamist sleeper agent who has masterfully undermined the very fabric of our democracy.

So okay, answer me this: If our republic is in such crisis because of Obama and his fellow travelers, why are conservatives currently launching vicious personal attacks against…  other conservatives??? For the past week or so, I’ve been seeing our pundits — people I know, respect and like — saying the ugliest things imaginable about one another and about some of the Republican candidates. This is not a matter of disagreeing. We’re freedom-loving Americans. We’re supposed to disagree and argue our sides without fear or favor. But this is dark-alley-knife-fight crap. Disgraceful, low insults I wouldn’t even hurl at…  well, at a Democrat! I won’t be specific. I won’t call out these people I like and admire so much. But the folks who read PJM are politically savvy enough to know who and what I’m talking about — and so are the people slinging the mud.

Listen, I like some of the Republican candidates better than others. I agree with some of our pundits more than others. But none of them is a rapist or a whore or a traitor or anything even remotely like that. And hey, don’t think for one minute that I’m issuing some mealy-mouthed call for civility here! Screw civility! Be as vicious as you want. But not to one another! To the other guys! Is that too much to ask?

If this country is in crisis because of leftism, act like it. Bring down the left. We look like we could win right now, but we haven’t won yet. Save the circular firing squad for the after party!