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All of the Leftists All of the Time

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I was in New York for the weekend on personal business and was planning to fly out Monday afternoon. Then I heard the CNN newscasters on the TV in the hotel lobby start shrieking with high-pitched hysterical girly voices about the weather. And that was just the men. I double-checked with a reliable news source and found that even CNN is right sometimes. So I took an earlier flight out of town; I felt like a character in a Saturday Morning Cartoon, hurrying down the runway with the Giant Snow Monster chasing after me.

It got me to thinking. Didn’t some global warming idiot once predict there wouldn’t be any snow anymore? What do you know? Yes! Not just one global warming idiot but a lot of them, repeatedly. Here’s Alex Newman in the New American:

For well over a decade now, climate alarmists have been claiming that snow would soon become a thing of the past. In March 2000, for example, “senior research scientist” David Viner, working at the time for the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia, told the U.K. Independent that within “a few years,” snowfall would become “a very rare and exciting event” in Britain. “Children just aren’t going to know what snow is,” he was quoted as claiming in the article, headlined “Snowfalls are now just a thing of the past.” The very next year, snowfall across the United Kingdom increased by more than 50 percent.

The IPCC has also been relentlessly hyping the snowless winter scare, along with gullible or agenda-driven politicians. In its 2001 Third Assessment Report, for example, the IPCC claimed “milder winter temperatures will decrease heavy snowstorms.” Again, though, the climate refused to cooperate. The year 2013, the last year for which complete data is available, featured the fourth-highest levels on record, according to data from Rutgers University’s Global Snow Lab…

After the outlandish predictions of snowless winters failed to materialize, the CRU dramatically changed its tune on snowfall. All across Britain, in fact, global-warming alarmists rushed to blame the record cold and heavy snow experienced in recent years on — you guessed it! — global warming. Less snow: global warming. More snow: global warming. Get it? Good.

The same phenomenon took place in the United States just last winter. As record cold and snowfall was pummeling much of North America, warming theorists contradicted all of their previous forecasts and claimed that global warming was somehow to blame. Among them: White House Science “Czar” John Holdren. “A growing body of evidence suggests that the kind of extreme cold being experienced by much of the United States as we speak is a pattern we can expect to see with increasing frequency, as global warming continues,” he claimed.

That assertion, of course, is exactly the opposite of what the UN “settled science” IPCC predicted in its 2001 global-warming report, which claimed that the planet would see “warmer winters and fewer cold spells, because of climate change.”

Check here, here and here for some other amusing apocalyptic predictions from environmentalists. The fact that leftists keep signing on to each new scenario — the fact that you really can fool all of them all of the time — would be enough to make one despair but for our faith that a greater hand than man’s holds the tiller of our destiny.

Still, the bottomless gullibility of the opposition can be dispiriting. Will they ever learn, I wonder. Maybe the very fact that we ask the question is an answer in itself.

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