Klavan On The Culture

Thanks, Christian White Men!

It is difficult for me to imagine — as I’m sure it must be difficult for all of you to imagine — how anyone could be angry at a sweet fellow like me. But judging by some of the comments on the Truth Revolt site, apparently this video did it. And yet, check me on this. Making allowances for condensed expression, is there anything untrue here? Anything cruel or hateful? People keep emailing me lists of all the sins committed by Christian White Men. But to say, for instance, that Christian White Men held slaves or started wars is as much as to say they had two legs: i.e. they are like everyone else. I concede that, of course, but I’m talking here about the things that differentiated Christian White Men from others: ending slavery, granting women equal treatment and extending toleration to those who were unlike themselves.

For which, by the way, thanks a million, Christian White Men!