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The Unbearable Smallness of Obama's Vision

When Bill Clinton accepted the Democratic nomination for president in 1992, he took enough time out from breaking Biblical commandments to quote Proverbs 29:18, "Where there is no vision, the people perish." The line was a deft jab at his incumbent opponent, the first President George Bush who, when urged to think through the overall direction of his presidency, was said to have responded in annoyance, "Oh, the vision thing!"

Vision was supposed to be Barack Obama's strong suit, wasn't it? Hope? Change? "Fundamentally transforming the United States of America"? Certainly, our idiot and narrative-drunk media saw him that way. "We thought he was going to be the next messiah," said no less a narrative-drunk idiot than Barbara Walters. He was "an enlightened being," a "lightworker," said another of these media knuckleheads. And one of the president's most ardent admirers described him as a man with "a gift." Oh wait, that was Obama talking about himself.

I haven't commented much about the Bergdahl swap. Five guys named Moe(hammed) in exchange for the character from Showtime's Homeland. I'll leave parsing the good and bad of that trade-off to more expert observers. Surely it's not a terrific omen for the administration that MSNBC's Chris Matthews called the deal "nasty," and "disreputable," but luckily for Obama, Matthews said that in the privacy of his own show where no one was likely to hear.