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Another Good Film: "Dog Days."

See, on other conservative blogs, you get doom and gloom. Obama is destroying the country. The Republican leadership is feckless. Illegal immigrants are immigrating illegally. The end is nigh!

But here at Klavan on the Culture, it's a constant celebration! Why? Because we're far-sighted! We know that if we take back the culture today, we can take back the country tomorrow. (We know this because we read it in "The Crisis in the Arts," which is available free online.) Also, we've been raiding Stephen Green's liquor cabinet.

But seriously, on Monday, we celebrated my friend Jeremy Boreing's incredible achievement: the making of The Arroyo, a feature quality modern western created from the grass roots up on a micro budget. Today, we fete another grass roots movie with an outlook conservatives can applaud, this one a documentary: Dog Days.

Filmmakers Laura Waters Hinson and Kasey Kirby — who made the tremendously moving and award-winning documentary As We Forgive, about the aftermath of the Rwanda genocide — took to KickStarter to help fund this doc about street food vendors in Washington D.C. Now on the face of it, the subject might not seem that exciting. But I tell you truly, this is a charming, touching, and at times actually suspenseful movie.