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PW Praises "Intense... Eerie..." Nightmare City

Will the good news never end? First the government shuts down and now my new YA Thriller Nightmare City has received a very kind pre-publication review from Publishers Weekly.

"Suspense writer Klavan (If We Survive) switches to horror in a fast-paced and eerie tale that shows an awareness of the genre’s conventions and a willingness to play with readers’ expectations...  the mysterious clues lead to elegant, intense chase sequences and a well-crafted mystery."

You can read the whole thing here, but there are spoilers. The book tells of a young man who wakes up one morning to find his hometown empty... empty, at least, of people. It comes out first week of November.

More importantly, the e-book is on sale in all formats, so you can pre-order for $3.99 here or here or wherever you get your ebooks. While you're at it, my already published YA thriller Crazy Dangerous is also on e-book sale for $3.99.