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Asking For It

Drunk girls! Boo-ya!

"Where there is desire, there is gonna be a flame," says the Pink song "Try," written by Busbee and Ben West. "Where there is a flame, someone's bound to get burned." Truer words were never spoken. People have been getting sex wrong since people have been getting sex, and I see exactly no signs on the horizon that this is about to change.

The most recent hapless moke to kick himself in his own groin was TV psychologist Dr. Phil, who came under attack after tweeting the question: "If a girl is drunk, is it OK to have sex with her?" His people say, plausibly enough, that this was for research purposes but, oh, the outrage! Feminists demanded the usual multiple apologies followed by show trials and public shaming. The general response, delivered in the Twitter equivalent of hysterical shrieking, was: "No! Having sex when a girl is drunk is never right! It is always rape!"

Is it? Really? If you are imagining the girl is unconscious, absolutely. But if she's simply drunk and says yes? Please.

Feminists have spent the last several decades striving to convince us that sex should be as meaningless to women as it is to the most brutish of men. Any psychic differences between men and women are the product of societal prejudice, we're told, and the physical differences can be rendered moot by birth control and abortion. Promiscuous women are "empowered," and any attempt to point out that their behavior is self-destructive or immoral or even merely less than wise is "slut shaming," not to be tolerated.