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Breitbart Laughs

This made my heart hurt and sing at the same time. In a front page story, the New York Times has finally confirmed what Andrew Breitbart was saying years ago. Barack Obama and his administration facilitated a multi-billion dollar fraud to funnel taxpayer money to any African-American willing to rip off the public till. The complex scandal known as Pigford began with a reasonable claim by a few black farmers that they’d been treated wrongly by a racist government — but exploded, with Obama’s help, into a shameless dole out to any minority huckster who happened along. It took them a while to get there, but kudos to the Times for doing the job.

The reason the Pigford scandal touched Andrew so deeply was that he believed it was behind the Shirley Sherrod firing — for which he was wrongly blamed. After Breitbart released a video of Sherrod meant to demonstrate racism at the NAACP, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, with the White House urging them on, demanded and received Sherrod’s resignation. When it became clear the administration had acted precipitately, Sherrod was rehired, and Breitbart was vilified as a racist and a liar who had deceptively edited the vid. This was false, false to the core. And because many conservatives piled on, the charges hurt Andrew. He uncovered the Pigford scandal in trying to clear his name.

Andrew showed that a company formed by Sherrod and her husband received a huge Pigford pay-off of some $13-million. He believed that that’s why she was fired so fast — and why he was vilified so cruelly: to keep journalists from asking too many questions and uncovering the Pigford scandal, the iceberg beneath the Sherrod tip.

I wrote a blog post about this in 2011, which can still be read though the links are out of date. Andrew’ Big Sites are running a lot of good material and have some of the old attacks on Andrew, now clearly revealed to be dishonest, biased and low in too many other ways to enumerate.

Bretbart’s in heaven laughing. And all you people who slandered him: Quo vadis, knuckleheads? Which being in English: whither goest thou? You don’t have to answer. We already know.