Klavan On The Culture

Ask for The Blaze — Seriously!

This is serious. You can tell because I have on my serious face!



Glenn Beck’s The Blaze — formerly GBTV — is making a push to appear on more cable networks. It’s only on The Dish Network now, I think.  Beck is asking people to call their cable companies and request they carry him.

Here’s why I think this is actually kind of important. I hear conservatives talk about reclaiming the culture all the time. I hear them grump like old grumps about how they don’t go to the movies or watch TV at all anymore, thank you very much — which is amazingly off-putting to normal human beings and, just by the way, leaves culture creators like me right smack dab out in the cold middle of nowhere. But never mind!

So here’s Beck actually trying to do something about this cultural state of affairs. He’s established a network of his own. He’s stocked it with news and entertainment programming.  Now he’s trying to take it mainstream. I think he deserves some support — a lot of support!

Now, I’ve talked about this before and I’ve heard some people say they don’t like Glenn because he believes this and they think that, or he said so-and-so but everyone knows such-and-such, or he once did this, and oh boy, you can just forget it. And I think that’s the most self-defeating idiocy I’ve ever heard.

No one asked me to write any of this, but I will admit I’m fond of Glenn personally, and I admire what he does. I did some work for him for a while, and basically share his religio-libertarian mindset, though without all the One World Government paranoia stuff.  (Doesn’t mean he isn’t right in his paranoia, by the way. It’s just not my nature to worry at that level.) But even if I didn’t like him, I would support any true patriot who was trying to stake a claim to the culture, whether we had our disagreements or not. And no one can doubt Glenn’s commitment to America.

If you haven’t noticed, our country’s basic values are under attack. The culture is one of the most important battlegrounds. It’s where we fight for tomorrow. Conservative, libertarian, religious right — anyone who thinks the Constitution was a really bright idea and deserves protecting — they’re all the good guys, as far as I’m concerned. In this regard, at least, we need to hang together or… you know the rest.

Call your cable company and request they carry The Blaze.