Klavan On The Culture

The Return of the Killer Christian!

Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine has brought out its second e-only anthology:  The Crooked Road Volume 2. The collection of short stories about “grifters, gangsters, hit men and other career crooks,” includes an edifying tale by yours truly. The Killer Christian is a delightful Christmas story about a hit man who is tricked into having a religious conversion with surprising and, of course, blood-drenched results. It appeared first, I think, in EQMM, then in the anthology Christmas at the Mysterious Bookshop. And I believe it’s slated for another reprint at the end of the year in a Big Book of Christmas Stories.

This one, however, is only $5.99 which, given a slate of authors including Ed McBain, Lawrence Block, Peter Lovesey and did I mention me, is a good deal and worth a download.