Christian Toto: In Hollywood "Brave" Means "Cowardly"

Liberals and critics and pols — oh my!

Excellent thoughts from the likewise excellent Christian Toto over at Big Hollywood on how “brave Hollywood” suddenly reveals itself to be cowardly Hollywood when it comes to standing up against left wing attacks. I’ve always said that those artists who talk about “speaking truth to power” never speak truth to the power in their own lives — the producers, reviewers, and colleagues who have a say in their careers. They only speak “truth” to imaginary forces — all those slope-headed, bigoted, gun-toting, Bible-thumping fools in flyover country whom they’ve never met and who can’t do anything to endanger their work and wealth. Christian lays out the most recent example:


Hollywood actors use the word “brave” almost as loosely as the term “amazing” when describing their fellow artists. It’s brave to gain or lose weight for a role, to shave their head if a play demands it and tackle a subject from a perspective nine-tenths of their peers agree on wholeheartedly.

Yet today, with their industry being blasted by social critics and the government alike, artists are mostly silent.

Where is all that brave talk now?

Ha! Where indeed? Read the whole thing here.


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