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Comical Obama Supporters: A Brief Guide to Where the Laughs Are

I hate to be sententious — I'm not even sure how to spell sententious — and God knows I like to ridicule my fellow man as mercilessly as the next fellow man, but this video that's been making the conservative rounds that shows an anti-Romney protester declaring she likes Obama because he gave her a free phone? Not really funny. I know, I know — but really, the woman is clearly poor and not very well-educated. And mockery is a pin for the inflated, no? Though the federal programs liberals propose to help such people as the phone lady only make their lives worse, the principle that we ought to be concerned for them remains (sorry) the right one. Just because liberals call us mean until we want to hurl defiance in their teeth by saying anything we damn well please, doesn't mean we should actually BE mean! As ever, I hold conservatives to a higher standard, because we're the good guys.

What DOES deserve our scorn and ridicule here is an administration that has lowered the office of the presidency to the level of a Boss Tweedian city machine, buying the votes of the poor with a free turkey at Christmas or, in this case, a phone. Not to mention buying their votes for policies that destroy them.

And if you really want to make fun of Obama supporters (and who, at this point, does not) why not go after the well-to-do and educated? The guys who tell you Obama makes a better president than Mitt Romney because "He cares." Or, even more delightfully, try this fellow — Russell Razzaque, a British psychiatrist, who has written a book called, so help me, Obama Karma: Lessons on Living Inspired by the 44th President. I saw it in a bookstore in L.A. yesterday and downloaded a sample because...  well, because I'm always in need of a laugh.