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They Shoulda Stuck With Tebow

The other finger's for Elway.

Update:  Tebow has gone to the New York Jets. Which means he’ll either be one of several backups to Mark Sanchez or they’ll rejigger him into a back to strengthen their running game. I’m sorry to hear this. I don’t think the Teeb will be happy amid all the cranks and backstabbers in that locker room and I don’t think the New York fans will take to him. Tennessee…  as I said below.

Maybe I’m sentimental because I like what Tim Tebow stands for, but I think the Denver Broncos are making a mistake bringing in Peyton Manning and letting Tebow go. I know we’re all supposed to worship at the pedestal of Greatest Quarterback Ever Manning, but he’s not the greatest quarterback ever because he routinely chokes in the post season and even if he were the greatest, one hit and he could be back in Ouch-My-Neck City, about two miles north of Retirement. Say what you will, if I had to bet the lint in my pocket on which quarterback — Tebow or Manning — was likely to win a Super Bowl in the future, I’d bet Tebow, and so, forced to the truth, would a lot of the experts running him down. Bronco Football guy John Elway made a bad decision based on 1) the fact that he couldn’t stand to have a running rather than a passing quarterback and 2) Manning, if he stays healthy, might beef up revenues for a while…  maybe…

I think Tennessee ought to go after the Teeb. Nashville and Tebow? Come on! It’d be one season-long Jesus-fest and would drive the media crazy — which would be worth it in itself. LP Field would be like a tent revival meeting come Sunday. That’d be cool! Plus the Titans have a solid offensive line who could protect Tim while he figures out what to do with that oblong brown thing the center just handed him. That’s my football happiness scenario anyway, and I hope it comes through because, as things stand, Tebow may actually have a hard time finding another starting position. And it would be a shame to take one of the most exciting sports personalities of recent years and bench him. I mean, that just ain’t right.