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Send Baby Jonah To The Super Bowl!

Okay, some of you clowns are probably worrying about stuff like the fact that the president is shredding the Constitution and destroying our national defense. But hey, that’s why Klavan on the Culture is here to guide you to the more important issues of the day.


Those of you who study Post Office wanted posters may have cause to remember Justin Folk, but he was also the award-winning and smugly brilliant visuals guy on PJMedia’s Klavan on the Culture videos and is currently the animator of my new Manhattan Institute Presents videos. And as if that work weren’t enough to establish his conservative credentials, he has now also cruelly forced his own baby son Jonah to go to work and support his family by acting in a Doritos commercial. Isn’t that what conservatives do?

This hilarious commercial, on which Justin also did some SFX work (aside from fathering Jonah), has been selected out of over 6,000 entries as one of five finalists in a contest. The winning commercial will air on the Super Bowl.

You have a vote—in fact, like a Chicago Democrat, you can vote repeatedly! And while some of you may have been thinking of throwing your vote away on, I don’t know, some Republican candidate or something, you can put it to much better use here by voting to send Baby Jonah to the Super Bowl.

The name of the commercial is “Sling Baby.” Once more, here’s the voting place.

Come on, people, let’s do this thing.

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