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Now I Am Happy

Ann Coulter’s new book Demonic:  How the Liberal Mob is Endangering America just showed up at my doorstep from which it was transferred instantly to the top of my reading pile.  Now I be a happy dude.  So far, I’ve only had a chance to glance at the first few pages.  Here’s where Ann states her thesis:

“The demon is a mob and the mob is demonic…  The Democratic Party is the party of the mob, irrespective of what the mob represents.  Democrats activate mobs, depend on mobs, coddle mobs, publicize and celebrate mobs—they are the mob.  Indeed, the very idea of a “community organizer” is to stir up a mob for some political purpose.  “As so frequently happens when a crowd goes wild,” historian Erik Durschmied says, “there is always one who shouts louder and thereby appoints himself as their leader.”  Those are the people we call “elected Democrats.”

I’ll blog about it when I’ve read the rest.  For now, though, those of you who are accustomed to my sober and steadfast maturity of perspective will know that I’m not going to make any inappropriate remarks about the SMOKING HOT author photo on the back cover.  However, I can’t say with certitude that I won’t spend the rest of the week tweeting Ann lewd snapshots.

I mean, women like that...  right?