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A Point in Time

I’ll be down in Los Angeles Wednesday at noon at the Beverly Hills Hotel.  It’s a luncheon for the Freedom Center’s inaptly named Wednesday Morning Club. The center’s David Horowitz will be speaking about his new book A Point in Time.  No less a light than Andrew Klavan said of the book:

“A beautiful book, both sad and uplifting. Moving in turns from the intimate to the universal, Horowitz not only explores but also embodies the dignity of the tragic worldview. A Point in Time is a poignant and elegiac reflection on life from a man who bears the burden of unknowing with courage and grace.”

I happen to know this Klavan character and I can tell you he’s stingy with a blurb when he even gives one at all, so this is lavish and heartfelt praise coming from him. David has shown himself a man willing to look at the truth unflinchingly throughout his life. He’s looked at the political truth, of course, but now he’s turned his mind to higher thoughts, ideas of mortality and meaning. His answers may not always be my answers, but his questions are everyone’s, and when a mind like his grapples with them, it’s a majestic business. Read the book and if you’re in the area on Wednesday, come by to see him speak.

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