Who's Worse: Trump's Neo-Nazis or Clinton's Press?

In this Rodan-vs-Godzilla election, the best I can hope for is to see my enemies discomfited before I watch my country get destroyed. So the question is not: which candidate do I like better, the man who has never read the Constitution, or the woman who has read it and swears to destroy it? The question is: which group of evil thugs would I prefer to watch reeling in shock and horror as the results come in? Who is worse and more deserving of punishment: the white supremacist, anti-semitic neo-Nazis of the alt-Right who spew their inner filth at anyone who attacks their hero Trump, or Scott Pelley, David Muir, Wolf Blitzer, Dean Baquet and the rest of the leftist news media who spew their pro-Hillary lies at the dwindling audiences willing to listen to and believe them?


The answer seems obvious: the journalists are worse than the neo-Nazis.

The alt-Right are irritating scum, but for three reasons they don’t bother me much. One, there aren’t that many of them. With their robot Twitter accounts and compulsive trolling, they’re more noise than number and don’t pose a real threat to the polity. Two, though Donald Trump — with a disgusting lack of principle — has winked at the bigots in the ranks of his supporters, I don’t think he actually represents them or that he’ll do anything for them if he gets elected. And three, these people have their punishment already. They are condemned to be themselves. Whenever I allow these skunks to get on my nerves — which is rarely — I simply imagine what it must be like to be one of them — lying on the cot in your mother’s basement, stewing in your own hatred and rage, able to take pride in nothing more substantial than the color of your skin — and I am content they’ve suffered enough.

Ah, but the pompous, corrupt, blandly dishonest lowlifes of our mainstream press: They are powerful, well-paid, and respected by the ignorant, no small tribe. Their just desserts have yet to be served. For them to watch Trump get elected president would be only a small taste of the hell they so richly deserve.


Their job is to tell the truth and they lie. Every day, every newscast, every newspaper edition. They lie to support Democrats and denigrate Republicans. They lie by omission, by emphasis, and sometimes outright. They take the powerful tools given them to disperse information to a free people, and use them instead in the service of their party and their bad ideas.

It would be difficult to condemn them for relentlessly attacking Trump if they hadn’t done the same thing to far, far better men like Mitt Romney and George W. Bush — and indeed to every Republican who has run for office since Reagan shocked them all with both his popularity and his success. But to watch them use Trump’s manifest faults to distract their audience from the economic, military and social failures of the Obama presidency and to elevate to respectability a greedy, conniving, lying crone like Hillary Clinton, all while pretending that they are reporting the news fair and square — this is more than the moral mind should be forced to contemplate.

Nothing exemplifies their criminal behavior more than their treatment of the Tea Party. These ordinary Americans who sought to express their support for lower taxes and Constitutional governance were relentlessly portrayed as racist and violent by the media, while the sins of the racist and violent Occupy movement were relentlessly omitted and disguised. And when the Obama administration, at the president’s instigation, used the IRS and the Justice Department to bully and intimidate these good people into silence, the media let the scandal fade, let the president lie, let evil-doers like Lois Lerner walk away largely unscathed. Obama’s actions were worse than anything Richard Nixon ever thought of doing, and the media treated the entire scandal like a bagatelle.


The media’s treatment of the Tea Party was the ugliest case of scattershot slander since McCarthy. It was a war of the few against the many, the elite against the people, the ruling class against the Constitution or, to put it in political terms, the socialists against those who would be free.

If the people should decide to elect Donald Trump president only as an act of retaliation against the well-dressed, well-spoken, well-paid, well-educated trash that is our journalist class, it will serve the journalists right. And to watch Pelley, Muir, Blitzer, Paquet and the rest have their reams of lies crumpled up and shoved back down their throats, to see them get their heads buried in the ordure of their own deceit, to have the opportunity to spit on the upturned heels of their expensive shoes before they sink into the dung — well, at least it will provide me with a fleeting moment of laughter in these, the waning days of our republic.

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