Media to Romney: Stop Telling the Truth!

To sum up the recent political news:

1. Mitt Romney criticizes the Obama administration’s initial cowardly handling of the storm of hellfire arising in the Middle East due to the Obama administration’s initial cowardly handling of the previous storm of hellfire that arose in the Middle East.


2. The media goes nuts, charging Romney with slandering Dear Leader, being tone deaf, being opportunistic, speaking while Republican, the whole book. The Romney campaign is declared a disaster.

3. Obama’s six point convention bounce disappears and the candidates are once more neck and neck in the most responsible polls.

4. Romney is caught on tape saying that nearly half the country is on government assistance and will vote for Obama to keep the dole coming. In related news, a video is unearthed of Pythagoras saying that the square of the hypotenuse of the right triangle is equal to the sum of the square of the two adjacent sides.

5. Once again, the media goes blitheringly insane. Romney doesn’t care about the poor and goes about hitting them over the head with facts. You could kill a person that way! Meanwhile, a tape of Obama declaring that he supports the redistribution of wealth is released. Now we know: Romney’s a conservative, Pythagoras is a triangle guy, and Obama’s a socialist. The Romney campaign is declared a disaster.


6. Rasmussen shows Romney inching into the lead in the battleground states.

7. One more disastrous week for Romney and he could win by a landslide!

Update: More about this here as I join a Ricochet podcast starring Rob Long, James Lileks and Peter Robinson.

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