Big Hollywood, John Nolte, and the Spirit of Andrew Breitbart

I have to admit that Big Hollywood’s John Nolte is a friend of mine. Believe me, if I didn’t have to admit it, you couldn’t drag it out of me with hot pincers. But really, friendship aside, how great is this guy? His takedowns of the mainstream media throughout this political season have been brilliant, devastating — Breitbartian is the only word I can think of to describe them. If you’re not following him on Twitter (@NolteNC), start following him. He exposes and mocks the dishonesty and corruption of our supposed “information brokers” in real time, crushing the MSM with such immediacy it’s like watching Rosemary’s Baby killed in its cradle. That’s a good thing.


Nolte left his beloved North Carolina many years ago to come out to L.A. and try his hand at filmmaking. He actually made a film that won high praise at some festivals, but his Maker (Mattel, as it happens) soon guided John where He wanted him to go. Nolte began commenting on, then blogging for, one of the first conservative film websites, and finally became its editor. From there, he was hired by Andrew Breitbart to start Big Hollywood, the first of the Bigs. He now not only continues to edit BH, he also contributes terrific material to all the other Big sites as well.

I cannot tell you the number of times Breitbart called me to sing Nolte’s praises to the skies. Hiring Nolte, Andrew said repeatedly and lavishly, was one of the best decisions he ever made.

What Andrew knew, and what should now be clear to everyone, was that John was one of the very few people who had the insight, intelligence, courage, and raw righteous indignation to take up the Breitbart fight against our philosophically corrupt, dishonest, and did I already say corrupt mainstream media journalists — by which I mean the people at such places as the networks, the New York Times, and CNN who daily put forward leftist propaganda as if it were objective news. These people don’t lie sometimes — their job, as they conceive it, is to lie continually, to throw mud at right wingers continually and hope some of it sticks, to protect the left and cover up for them, and to elevate the state above the people in the sure and certain knowledge that “elites” like themselves can make decisions better than a bunch of gun-toting, Bible reading… free individuals! (Ooh, don’t you just hate those? They’re so uncivilized!)


Other people hem and haw, parse one MSM statement as true and another one as biased and so forth. But what Breitbart knew and what Nolte knows is that occasional accuracies in support of a lie are still lies. It is the corrupt intent that governs “mainstream” news that needs to be exposed and reformed. And expose it is what the Noltenator does every day with torching wit.

Unlike Breitbart, Nolte is a private not a public man. He left L.A. with joy and gladness and returned to NC where, when not blogging and tweeting, he sits around on his porch taking potshots at chipmunks, MSNBC anchormen, and other destructive pests. I wish it were otherwise if only because I miss his company.

And I miss Breitbart too. But Nolte, in his own quieter way, is carrying on his work and his spirit.


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