How the Left Can Shut Down Rush Limbaugh

What number are you, Mr. Limbaugh?

I grew up in radio. My father was a famous New York deejay, and really, an extraordinary radio talent. He was also an old-style Jewish liberal who thought the Republicans were one step away from being Nazis. Once, when I expressed admiration for Rush Limbaugh, he went into one of his usual rants. I stopped him and said, “You don’t have to agree with him, but Rush Limbaugh is the best radio man I’ve heard since you.” My father deflated… shook his head… then murmured, “Unfortunately, you’re probably right.”


How great is Rush Limbaugh? Truly, it’s almost impossible to do what he does at the level he does it day after day. Because of work demands, I don’t get to hear him as often as I’d like. But about once a week, I drive to L.A. on business, and I always try to time the drive to coincide with his show. I pay a lot of attention to the news. I read widely and deeply. But every time I make that drive, I arrive in Los Angeles smarter than I was when I left home and Rush is the reason. He’s just that good.

So yes, a Left that has failed in every single endeavor and has no arguments left but “You’re a racist!” and “The climate is falling!” needs to shut this man up and shut him down before he convinces Americans to seize back their country in the name of liberty and the Constitution. What to do?

Well, Leftists everywhere will be relieved to know the answer is simple. It was Andrew Breitbart who first pointed out to me that Rush thrives to a very large degree on the lies, distortions and ideological corruption of the mainstream media. That stuff is pure jet fuel to Rush. Without it, he would have almost nothing to be hilarious about. Yesterday, for instance, I heard the man take apart a dishonest story by the dishonest O-ssociated Press that dishonestly tried to support the president’s dishonest depiction of himself as a supporter of American oil production. By the time Rush was done, the AP label was exposed as what it is: a symbol of disreputable reportage skewed to support a statist point of view. Literally, I’ll never look at the AP slug the same way again.


So, you want to shut up Rush Limbaugh, Left-types? You want to, as one rock band schooled in the Left’s version of civil discourse so politely put it recently, “Kill-Kill-Kill Rush Limbaugh?” You want the EIB network to go silent forever? Easily enough done. Just stop lying! That’s it! Just tell your cronies at the network news outlets, the New York Times, the AP and all the rest to start hiring some people who represent different points of view so you can cover the news from a wide range of angles — or even objectively, just for a laugh.

If you start telling the truth, Rush won’t have to, and you’ll have him off the air at last.

Don’t say I never did anything for you, Leftwards. Man, I don’t know why I should be so good to the opposition. Just the kind of guy I am, I guess.



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