15 More 1970s Songs Showcasing the Decade's Wide Range

Editor’s note: catch up on the first two installments in this series: 15 Classic 1970s Songs Millennials Should Know and 15 More Classic 1970s Songs for the Millennials.


Each time I put one of these up it acts as a sampling of what you might’ve heard on any major radio station during that particular decade. Needless to say, the genres and songs will vary. I’m deliberately trying to not be too systematic about it, save by year. Although I may at some future date post some articles on the specific genres of this time – funk, southern rock, pop, etc. If any of you think that might be a fun idea, please let me know.

I suppose it would be fair to say that in songs such as this, early on, are the roots of progressive rock. Certainly this doesn’t fit the mold of end-’60s rock.

1. Genesis – “The Knife” (1970)

I always loved the (possibly mythical) story of how Keith Moon had rented a hotel room and when the staff went in after he’d checked out, they discovered he’d nailed all of the furniture to the ceiling.  Moon was so out of control that the rest of The Who would call him in to perform or record and then kick him back out until he was needed again.

2. The Who – “Going Mobile” (1971)

I knew a girl like that, back when. Her eyes would fixate on you. Beautiful eyes — you could stare into them forever.


3. The Grass Roots – “Temptation Eyes” (1971)

The eyes have it.

4. Jackson Browne – “Doctor My Eyes (1972)


I didn’t have a Lincoln, I had a Pontiac — and, man, did I ever work that baby into the ground. Must’ve put thousands of miles onto her. What a car!

5. Commander Cody and his Lost Planet Airmen “Hot Rod Lincoln” (1972)


Once, while stationed at a little Army base up in the Panhandle of Florida, I did, in fact, drive by both a “Dew Drop Inn” AND an “Antioch Baptist Church.”

6. Charlie Daniels Junior – “Uneasy Rider” (1973)


Of their two major hits, I always felt that this was better.

7. Focus – “Sylvia” (1972)

And so we did: Kept on trucking, Baby.

8. Eddie Kendricks – “Keep on Truckin’” (1973)


I saw him at the University of New Mexico, Las Cruces, about five years later. A great show, very intimate. If the auditorium could hold 2000 people, I’d have been surprised.

9. Gordon Lightfoot – “Sundown” (1974)



1970s funk at its finest.

10. Earth Wind & Fire – “Shining Star” (1975)

Founded by members of Free, Mott the Hoople and King Crimson, what a lineup of talent!

11. Bad Company – “Feel Like Making Love” (1975)


Gary Wright was a former band member of Spooky Tooth and also played keyboard for George Harrison’s All Things Must Pass triple album.

12. Gary Wright – “Love Is Alive” (1976)

Counting their solo work, Kiss has been awarded no less than 28 Gold Albums.

13. Kiss – “Rock and Roll All Night” (1976)

Speaking of Spooky Tooth, ARS (as they are sometimes known) also were former band members.

14. Atlanta Rhythm Section – “So Into You” (1977)

In their two-phase career – first during the late ’60s British blues period, then as a more mainstream ’70s sound – Fleetwood Mac has sold over 100 million albums worldwide.

15. Fleetwood Mac – “The Chain” (1977)

As always, suggestions are welcome.


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