When Reality Television is Just Too Real..

Sitting here in front of the television editing articles for Pajamas Media on the laptop, watching the sirens and the panic in various cities – first Beersheva, then Sderot, then … who knows?


A definite difference between the atmosphere now and what it was like during Lebanon War II. It’s more sober, people are less surprised, calmer and more determined. No hysteria and freakouts like it was when missiles started hitting Haifa – no sense of ‘how can this be happening now?’

It’s very much like Lebanon 2 was a dress rehearsal and people are trying to get it right this time – the government, the army, and the population.

My heart is with my friends and family in the South. It’s hard to focus on what I have to do up here knowing they are in shelters. My sister-in-law lives out of rocket range for now, but her severely autistic son attends special ed in Beersheva and she’s got him home all day, which is very stressful. I just thank god, she doesn’t have to try to get him into a bomb shelter.


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