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Looking for Some Action?

September 4th, 2013 - 2:38 pm

Via Glenn, an interesting item from my old home town:

Women are working the streets of St. Louis day and night, but is legalizing prostitution the answer? 22nd Ward Alderman Jeffrey Boyd is taking the suggestion seriously and wants feedback.

Boyd posted this tweet Thursday after a ward meeting: “A constituent suggested legalizing prostitution at the ward mtg since its out of control and low level crime. Brothels What do you think?”

The woman who made that suggestion said she wanted to be taken seriously and offered it as a way to protect women in her community.

“These are human beings, and you can do something to help them,” said Joyce Glaspy.
Glaspy conceded that most folks in St. Louis won’t agree with her, but said a brothel would provide security for these women and get them off the streets.

A woman walking down the streets of a big city can be in danger enough. Now add sex and cash to the mix. A streetwalker has no rights, no protection, no recourse. The employee of a brothel does. And outlawing the latter does nothing but create more of the former.

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Legalize it and tax the hell outta it.
1 year ago
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Let's look at the Nevada model where prostitution is legal. How many of those women are physically abused by pimps and turned into drug addicts?

Same thing in Amsterdam, where the prostitutes have to go for monthly physical exams. And where you just know that the mirror over th bed board is a two way mirror with an enforcer just on the other side of door in case there's any danger. Er, so I've heard.
1 year ago
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