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Meanwhile in Egypt

June 30th, 2013 - 12:32 pm

Here we go again:

Demonstrations are being reported across the country

•In Alexandria, the second-biggest city, thousands of protesters gathered for a march to the central Sidi Gaber area, BBC Arabic’s Rami Gabr reports

•A big stage has been erected in the main square of the Suez Canal city of Port Said, and protesters are checking the identities of those going in and out of the square, BBC Arabic’s Attia Nabil reports

•Rallies are also expected in Suez, Monofia and Sharqiya – the birthplace of President Morsi.

Windows in the Muslim Brotherhood headquarters in Cairo were reinforced with sandbags ahead of the protests.

The protestors might just bring down Morsi — who knows? Although I doubt President Obama will throw his Muslim Brotherhood buddy under the bus like he did Mubarak. Egypt’s best-case isn’t very good, where a new military clique takes over from the Muslim Brotherhood which took over from the old military clique.

But can the protest genie be put back in the bottle? Is status quo ante Morsi possible? Or will Egypt become even more ungovernable, with constant battles between Islamists and more secular elements of society?

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C'est la vie, Robespierre! When Mubarak's government fell, folks (mostly liberals) tried to tell me that it reminded them of 1989. When they asked me about how I felt, as a historian I said "it reminds me of 1789, and you'll regret ever letting Mubarak go."

I'm no fan of Mubarak or the Egyptian military, but at least they held some semblance of common sense and diplomatic smartness. The Muslim Brotherhood will not go quietly, and the new military leadership might turn out to be far more nationalist-oriented (vive l'Napoleon!).
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It's kind of interesting to me that these ruling juntas are always separate from the totalitarian ideology they overthrow. I wonder why they're not infected themselves.

Well, I pity any American leader who has to make a conscientious choice of whom to back. Of course that excludes Obama, whose thought processes exclude conscientious choice.
1 year ago
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