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May 12, 2013 - 6:22 am
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Dear Tax Collectors:

Please fill out the questionnaire below completely and return to your local tea party headquarters.  Note that the questions may be a little personal and intrusive, but turnabout is fair play. Besides, compared to the grilling that Congress is going to give you,  consider yourself fortunate.

Also note that these questions are not in IRS-Speak. They are in plain English to better facilitate open, honest, and complete answers. Not that we expect them.

By the way…know any good criminal lawyers?

1. Who came up with the bright idea to target conservatives for inappropriate attention in the first place? Lois Lerner, the director of the IRS division that oversees tax-exempt groups, would only say that “low level” IRS employees were responsible. It was “just their shortcut,” offered Ms. Lerner.

Please take no shortcuts like that one in responding.

2. When exactly did IRS management discover that their “low level” employees were making a mockery of democracy? The Associated Press writes that the IRS inspector general’s report mentions a June 29th meeting in 2011 in which Ms. Lerner discovered “groups were being targeted.”  The IG report says the practice had begun in 2010. Why did it take so long to find out what “low level” employees were doing?

3. The IG report states that on August 4, 2011, there was a meeting of the Rulings and Agreements office  “with chief counsel so that everyone would have the latest information on the issue.” Please list attendees at that meeting and supply any written or recorded record of that meeting (please use a worksheet if you need additional space).  What “latest information” was given?

4. Ms. Lerner states that when she found out about the targeting of conservative groups, she ordered a halt to the practice “immediately.” But why was there a meeting five weeks later “so that everyone could have the latest information on the issue”? If the practice had been halted on June 29th, why was a meeting discussing the latest info even necessary?

5. A related question: Seven months after Ms. Lerner says she discovered the targeting of tea party and other conservative groups, on January 25, 2012, the IG report states that the criteria for flagging organizations to audit tax-exempt status was finally changed to “political action type organizations involved in limiting/expanding Government, educating on the Constitution and Bill of Rights, social economic reform/movement.”

Why did it take seven months to change the criteria? Between June 29, 2011, and January 25, 2012, was the old criteria targeting conservative groups still being used? If not, please give an exact date that the targeting was terminated.

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"Tea Party groups" understates the offense. The Tea Party groups were compelled to turn over the names of millions of individual contributors. Likewise pro-Israel non-profits.
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"Lois Lerner, the director of the IRS division that oversees tax-exempt groups, would only say that “low level” IRS employees were responsible."

Lerner is right in this sense: the IRS emplyees were on a low level of compliance with the Constitution and other federal laws and a low level of respect for civil politically differing opinions.
1 year ago
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Obama knows everything that is going on in his Administration. He's the ultimate control freak. If you don't believe me, read this article from the WSJ in 2009.

Regarding taxes, the death taxes or an Estate Audit (double taxation) is the worst kind of Audit. The IRS with Obamacare is right out of 1984. We ain't seen nothing yet if Obama stays in office.
1 year ago
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Zero out the IRS Budget.

Why should we pay for the club we are being beaten with?
1 year ago
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If you believe the White House didn't know about and condone IRS attacks on conservative groups, (a) go change your diaper, it stinks, and (b) come see me, I've got a bridge you need to see.
1 year ago
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Then, there's the possibility this IRS thing comes from the "Look, a squirrel" department. Benghazi is now getting sticky and it's on Hitlery's shoe...possibly soon to be on Chairman Obama's.

His game of "above it all" is failing now and he has cast his lot with the (very obvious) lie. Certain news entities are turning on him though it remains to be seen how effective THAT will be, if at all.

But the IRS thing is something that conservatives will love to chew on and the mediots will broadcast in place of information about Benghazi.

However, I predicted some years ago that all the games these people play cannot go on indefinitely. Sooner or later the ooze starts leaking through the cracks and the truth comes out. Geez...the factual historical records prove that this happens again and again. Seems so ridiculously sad that people still engage in the folly of the liars' game and never anticipate that it will burn them.

But then, times were different back then...and people generally thought personal accountability was important. Nowadays, a sullied reputation and a suit of lies is an enhancement rather than a problem.

Still, I hold confidence that even the most casual observer may take notice of a negligent, malicious administration and dismiss them with extreme prejudice in the coming elections. But to counter that statement, the people vote with their emotions...never their heads it seems.

And to counter THAT statement, I love to vote's the voting for a politician I cannot stand.
1 year ago
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Why would some "low level" employees at one specific office even care about targeting specific ideological groups? They draw their salary whether or not tax exempt status is given. Why go through such onerous work? Low level bureaucrats want less work, not give themselves more work to do.
1 year ago
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Why no special scrutiny of unpatriotic, anti-American, free market hating, violence prone Occupy Wall Street Groups? Could our unAmerican, hyper partisan, Constitution hating, free market loathing, socialistic president have something to do with it? If not directly than by the culture of divisiveness, deception, demonization and desperation that he's created throughout his administration seeping by way of infection down into the bowels of the IRS? You betcha!


The Irony of It All: Occupy Wall St. Is Tax Exempt
Monday, 31 Oct 2011 02:10 PM

By Henry J. Reske

Although the Occupy Wall Street movement has made tax the rich a central cause, the group is not shy about taking a tax break of its own. Donations to the group, now totaling more than half a million dollars, are tax exempt, the New York Post reported.

The group Alliance for Global Justice is sponsoring the protests, which allows the movement to share in its tax-exempt status. As a result, those donating to the Occupy Wall Street movement can deduct the amount from their federal taxes.

The Alliance is a Washington-based group that advocates a variety of causes including hunger strikes in California prisons and protesting the CIA and oil companies. In return for sponsoring Occupy Wall Street, the Alliance is taking a 7 percent cut of donations, according to the New York Post.

© 2013 Newsmax. All rights reserved.

1 year ago
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I would define "low-level" federal employees as GS scale merit system employees and there is NO WAY a GS employee could or would make such a decision. In the most unlikely event that some GS 12 was such a zealous Democrat that s/he would undertake such a thing, s/he would not have the power to implement it beyond a small work unit of direct reports and their subordinates. It is equally unlikely that even a management level merit system employee would make such a decision on their own and most at that level would be smart enough to get something in writing if they were being told by political management to do something, though doing that with Democrats in power at minimum blocks further advancement and takes you out of meaningful decision-making.

The odds are that there are some career management employees at IRS who are bridling under political authority that makes them do this sort of thing and leaves them hanging out to dry when it comes out. Though, the Obamunists have been in power long enough now that the odds are all the non-political pure technocrats in management either are in an office with no windows, a seat that flushes, have no telephone or email, and just sit there all day staring at the calendar on which they cross off days until retirement or they were fired/demoted/transferred early on in the Administration and replaced by hacks or kids. That's the Democrat playbook since Clinton at all levels of government. The gatekeepers of integrity and internal controls are the merit system managers that are direct reports to political appointees. As soon as they come to power, Democrats execute their hit list on those people at that level who've "offended" any contributor or powerful constituency. They do it ruthlessly and with impunity; the press helps with the assassinations as they go along with the "cleaning out Republican corruption and dead wood" meme. The reality is that the better an employee's performance, the more likely s/he is going to be on the Democrat hit list. Employees know this and most behave accordingly. I assure you that just doing what a Republican administration tells you to do and doing it effectively puts a laser dot on your forehead when Democrats take over. If you angered a constituency sufficiently, you're gone no matter what. If they don't off you right off, they neutralize you but so long as you sit down and shut up, you can count days.

There are some employees who could give meaningful, maybe actionable, information to Congress or even a US Attorney or state AG, but they also know that Obama has three more years and they can't count on the Republicans winning in '16. Seven and perhaps eleven years is a very long time when you're at the middle or approaching the end of your career and you have a skill that is only utilized at your level in government.

This demonstrates the greatest advantage Democrats have over Republicans in actually getting a government to do stuff they want it to do. If you cross a Democrat Administration, your career is over so long as Democrats remain in power; they won't let you work for government or any business that does business with or receives funding from government. Republicans don't really have any place to put you because they don't have the shadow government of non-profits, unions, and interest groups that the Democrats have. Also, even if the controversy you caused was helping them, the Republican political character is that they don't like controversy or people associated with it, so even if you got fired for leaking stuff to a Republican committee chairman, they may not want you around after you've been fired. In other words, with friends like most Republican politicians, you don't need many enemies.
1 year ago
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Your last admonition is unduly optimistic. If the heat gets too high a few unlucky guys and gals int eh mail room may have to retire early, but if the MSM maintains its usual studied indifference to Obama Administration scandals in thirty days you won't be able to find a mention of this outrage anywhere but maybe Fox and conservative web sites.

Frankly, I look for Benghazi to die if the Republicans can't get it moving faster.The Democrats since at least the time of Bill Clinton have perfected the "rope-a-dope" defense to scandals. Just slow it down, hold out for as long as possible, dribble out the facts in little pieces which are hard to assemble into a meaningful narrative, and let short attention spans and the faithful failure of the MSM ever to confront a Democrat with any kind of contradiction and there you have it. Cattle futures, pardons for donors, travelgate, ... .
1 year ago
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If only!! Hopefully, Americans will refuse to accept the sacrifice of a few 'low level' employees as an end to this debacle. Or is this just another 'look at the monkey' for the most corrupt, anti-American administration EVER?!!
1 year ago
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